Friday, September 7, 2012

Eenie Meenie Miney Moe-ing

Now that the Gypsy Quilt is pieced and has been handed off to Jackie, I am chomping at the bit to start something new. Something small. I am plumb tuckered out from making big ol' quilts and I'm ready for something that will not have me making 100's of blocks. And therein lies my problem. It's an internal conversation.

"That's a great quilt!"
"No! You will want to enlarge it"
"How about this one?"
"No! Look at all those seams. You will be a slave to the ironing board again and you will make twice as many blocks."

Maybe being a dirt road hermit is becoming a problem. :)

So, do I make a table runner? I want one to lay across my washer and dryer. My laundry room/mud room/entry way are the first thing you walk into and a pretty runner will dress it up a bit. I also have  a long- 11ft - shelf in there that would benefit from a bit of stitching attention.

But perhaps I need to make more potholders. I need more for Christmas.

Or I have this wall hanging I really want to make for a gift that I didn't get made last year.

Pillowcases. I need to make some pillowcases for the kids who live at North Camp for Christmas. Those are quick, but it always takes me a coon's age to choose fabric.

And then there is this table mat:

I snapped up this issue as soon as I saw it. Must make that table mat.

An apron? DD wants an apron to go with the potholders I gave her for her birthday.

So I have fretted these last few days as I cooked for a cowboy crew and entertained company. Carol pretty much tipped the scales. She whipped out that table mat here. Isn't it great?

Project chosen. And guess what? I have never embroidered. Not a thing. I was an avid cross stitcher   for years, but never embroidered. I was a bit intimidated by it, but this looked like a great way to kick things off since it was just a small bit. And I loved it! I'm not very good at it, but I was so tickled with this little pumpkin that I just didn't even let it faze me.

Now I want to embroider a whole bunch of things!

I used one strand each of a red, yellow, and orange in order to embroider the leaf and I was tickled with how it turned out:

These are monster hexagons! It felt strange making them, but I really like the way they are coming together.

And I am loving the fact that I do not need to make this bigger...or do I?


Nancy said...

Ooooh, I love the embroidered hexies!

I battle with myself about projects, too. ;oD

Denise :) said...

I WANT TO MAKE THIS!!!! You're an enabler, you're an enabler! (Yes, I sang that in my head as I typed it ... much like I chanted your post title as I read's how I roll!) :)

juliehallfeldhaus said...

I think you made the right one! I'll have to look for that magazine.

Kristie said...

Oh, those are super cute! You are doing a wonderful job with your embroidery too!

Have a wonderful and Blessed day

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

That is going to be cute!

Doniene said...

Absolutely darling!! Your stitching is perfect!! I like doing embroidery, especially simple designs! The hexies are perfect - nice warm colors!!


Michigan Gal said...

You tire me out!

Sisbabestitches said...

Such a great hexie topper, and your embroidery is too good for someone who does not do it!! I think you ought to clone yourself, then you could work on all of the projects at once :)

Unknown said...

lovely, I really like it. hugs

Carol said...

I made this little hexagon mat. It was fun to make. I like the embroideries too.

Darlene said...

Oh very stinkin' cute embroideries for your mat. I was a x-stitcher for years, too. Did you strip your floss for your embroideries. LOL

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