Friday, July 26, 2013

Looky What We Got!

 YAY! We got that good rain on the North end of the ranch a few weeks ago, but not a drop on our south end. Well all of this fell on the south side!


It'll be a few days before those roads set up enough that we can get out and check how much rain we had, but I can tell you that we are whooping it up around here!                    

It started to rain just after dinner.

Perfect timing to curl up with a new magazine that came in the mail:

My latest finish:

and take a nap to the sound of this:


An hour later we had this:


There was not a drop in this tank before this and this is at least 3' deep.

This poor little fella wasn't quite sure what had just happened:

My poor chickens really got hammered. The door to their coop faces south and it is always open during the day and the rain hit from the south.

They were a little bedraggled.

There was a whole lots of feather shakin' going on:.

As well as a hen conference that, I assume, discussed what had just taken place:

I had wandered out in my daily footwear which is a pair of hiking boots. I hadn't intended to end up submerged, but I felt badly for the chickens when I saw the state of their coop and didn't bother going back for my irrigation boots:

I had a mess to clean up. This is an icky picture, but just thought you might want to know that it's not all fun and games out here:

And we lost a ton of huge tree limbs. This is just a small portion :

That always makes me so sad. I've got a good day's work cleaning all of this up. However, you can bet I'll be doing it cheerfully!

The wind was nuts and there had to be some sort of rotation in it because these trailers were parked parallel to each other:


From this angle, you can see a bit of the drag marks from the cage top trailer:


Sorry about hounding y'all with another detailed weather report, but this is a pretty big deal in these parts. Between the surprise visit from our boy that the kids pulled off, this amazing rain, and a couple of other things...well I would have to say that the Good Lord has been mighty generous with those blessings, and you can bet that we are mighty thankful!


Carol said...

Life is soooooooooooooo good! I can just hear those hens talking up a storm!

Nancy said...


Vickie said...

My chickens love a bath on a hot day. so glad y'all are getting the rain !

Dar said...

Thanks to the good fortune you received, but there looks to be lots of hard work to follow those good blessings. Those chickens are probably deciding who is going to volunteer to tell the Mrs. about the coop springing a leak!

Deanna said...

Rain is always a blessing, even if a mixed blessing.

laverne said...

Praise the Lord!Have been praying for ya'll!Always does my heart good to read your posts!

Nancy said...

It seems to me that when it rains where you are, it really pours. I'm glad you got so much rain - you guys needed it so badly. Your poor hens. I can imagine them in their little hen conference. Take care.

Jan Baker said...

I love all your photos. So glad you got the rain you needed.

Staci said...

Wow! That is great! Your rain dances must be working!

Judy Laquidara said...

Oh, my! That is fantastic rain! Does it puddle so much there because of the type soil you have or is the ground just so hard from so long without rain that the water has a hard time soaking in? Here, we have sandy soil and even the places that got 10 or 11 inches of rain (we got a little almost 5" at our house), the ground just soaked it up.

So happy for your rain, even though the critters all look a bit confused.

Janet said...

Looks like it was a fine rain!

Denise :) said...

Yay for rain!! We'll have you all caught up here in no time!! I wore my fleece pullover all day yesterday...inside and OUT. Weather has been so stinking crazy!! But like you, I am *not* complaining!! :)

Jo said...

Wee-Haw and good for you!! Rain when needed is such a good thing. Hopefully you can keep getting some maybe in a more timely gentle fashion though.

Doniene said...

Yeah!!!! I'm soooooooooooo excited for ya'll!!! Cheerful cleanup for sure!


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