Monday, September 30, 2013

Sunday Morning Escape

As much as I love to cook for the crew during our Cow Works, THIS is what really makes me happy

Getting to spend time behind the camera lens just speaks to my soul. The pictures are never extraordinary, but they are small snippets into my world and I become so immersed in the view that I get lost. I wish I could capture the smell of the air on Sunday morning. This was the first morning I reached for my jacket and I was elated! 45° and glorious!

We took Sunday off. Well, sort of. There really are no days off on a ranch. I still fixed breakfast although it was served at the leisurely hour of 6 am, and DH and Grandpa still saddled up.

They moved a few head around

and brought a couple more in

and I took advantage of the free morning and snapped a few shots.

 At 75, Grandpa still looks smart a horseback:


And I will never tire of taking pictures of this man working

I asked him to turn around


and he said, "But that is my best side".



He will never pose for a picture so what you see is what you get

 but I'm not complaining. :)

I revealed in the crisp air,


the green pastures,


and  the morning light.


There is an essence to fall that just delights the senses and I was all wrapped up in it as I soaked up the blessings of a quiet Sunday morning. It was the perfect morning for basking in the morning sun:


And a little stretching. Equine yoga, anyone?

As well as perfect scratching weather


Oh, I wanted to bottle it up when the horses meandered in from the horse trap and gathered round me.


These sniffers of coat collars.

These lovers of nuzzled noses.

These ticklers of warm whiskers.


 The good Lord truly created something magical in the horse. I wish you could have smell-a-vision. I'll admit that the combination of the tank water, the dew-kissed grass, the horses snuggling up against me and jostling for position to get closer, and watching DH and his Dad a horseback made me misty eyed. Sappy? Perhaps, but I wouldn't change a thing. I know I should have been back at the house getting ready for church, but I honestly could not have been closer to God or praised him any more than I did this morning in that pasture. All glory and honor goes to Him and I am incredibly thankful for this gift he has given me.

I'm going to print out a couple of these shots and tape them to my kitchen cabinets to remind me of this morning when I am bemoaning the fact that I am chained to the kitchen for 6 more days. I am also going to wrap my camera deep in a quilt and stuff it in the back of the armoire so I won't be able to hear it's muffled cries to be released from captivity because I am weak and it would be so easy to let it lead me astray and abandon my kitchen duties. Could you blame me?


Barb said...

Excellent way to proclaim God's glory! And thanks for making me smile first thing Monday morning, lol!

Nancy said...

I don't blame you a bit, and I love your glorious photos.

Here's wishing you a good week and a minute or two of relaxation, too.

Frances Campbell said...

What a lovely post. Like the feeling of peace and serenity and God's presence in the beautiful place where you live. What a gift you have been given to share.

laverne said...

Sure was a good 1!Ya'll have some fine looking horses!It has gotten into the mid 50s here a couple of mornings ago.I have to say that is quite a cowboy you have!Sure sets a horse!I also feel so close to the Lord on mornings like that,He created something pretty special in horses.

Michigan Gal said...

Wow. That's all.

Marla said...

Lovely pics. I so miss the smell of horses. Thank you for sharing.

Catrin Lewis said...

Wonderful, beautiful pictures x

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful photography. Makes me wish I was right there with those horses and cowboys.

Scrapatches said...

Glorious photos! Thanks for the look out the window onto another part of the world for me. No need to pose. Natural looks the best everytime ... :) Pat

Nancy said...

I love this post, Karin. Your love for the land, your husband, and your horses shines through your words and photos. Isn't it amazing how Sunday mornings just feel different than any other morning of the week? Thanks for writing and sharing this post!

Donna Becker said...

My love for horses has never left me, even though I've been gone from the farm for years and years. I never miss the opportunity to spent time with a horse when I can. The scent of their coats and their "hay breath" is wonderful. I really love your red (chestnut?) horses. Oh, heck, I love 'em all. :-)

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