Sunday, June 8, 2014

It DID Get Better!

 Yep! BOTH kids are home at the same time!! (Photo from last year) This Mama is over the moon! And just last night we had another incredible rain. Roads under water and washed out and dirt tanks spilling over and draws are running. From what we COULD see, we had from .4" to 3".

Lots to be thankful for. Our cup of blessings truly runneth many ways!

Our girl came home after Finals and it has been so nice having her here. Then our boy flew home on Saturday for his post deployment leave. He's been in Okinawa since September.

Lots of good, quality time as a family Soaking in every moment. Lots of teasing and laughing and cooking and eating. Firing up the smoker and the fire pit. Baking favorites. Its all going by much too quickly. Our girl had to leave on Wednesday. She headed to Colorado for a wedding and then turned around and headed to Lamesa to begin her summer employment. I know we'll see her at another wedding  later this month, but I'm thinking she's going to be pretty busy in Lamesa.

She's been helping move and wean cattle. That means 4 am wake up calls and the mercury has been hovering at the 106° mark in the afternoons. Kind of wears a body out. On Wednesday, she was horseback at 4:30. Came back to the house at 9. Packed and left at 10. Drove 150 miles to her apartment. Packed again and left for Colorado...another 5 1/2 hours. Makes for a long day. She's young, but I'm betting she's still tired. She likes her sleep and with hours like that, there's not a whole lot of time for snoozing.

Our boy will be here for a few more days. He was excited to pick  up a new toy he'd been saving up for, for a long time:

Yes, this Mama's hair is turning grayer with his newest acquisition, but I also know our boy. He's got lots of common sense and is a master at situational awareness. Still, I am stepping up my prayers and asking God to add another layer to the hedge of protection I've been praying for him.

He's wanted a bike for a really long time. This is a touring bike and he's planning on using it to decompress from Marine life.

 I get that. Our girl has her horse. DH likes to shoot. And I've got my quilting.

DH and he spent lots of time discussing the details:

DH even settled in to learn the basics

We're excited for you, Son...and that pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17)... it's happening.


ytsmom said...

Glad that you got to spend time with both kids. That bike should be a good investment for your son(monetarily and for his state of mind).

Nancy said...

May blessings continue to come your way!

Be safe on the roads, Marine.

Alycia said...

So glad you all were together again!! Your kids are beautiful ;-) Just like their momma!!

sherry said...

from what i can see you have launched two responsible children into adulthood…well done…i once read the following…teach your children respect because when you are finished with them we have to live with them…you have done this

Dorian said...

Glad your kids made it home for a bit Karin. I know how it goes with those bikes. My dh has one, and my oldest son has a dirt bike, sigh~ we just have to keep out Faith ((hugs))

Cathy said...

I had all three of mine together for Friday evening and that was a blast. I totally understand the "soaking it up" thing. And both of my boys are saving up for motorcycles. Scares the bejesus out of me!! Praying with you!!

juliehallfeldhaus said...

Then you will have grandkids to worry and pray for someday it never ends!!!! I know we wouldn't trade it for anything in the world:)

carol fun said...

So happy you had time with both of your kids - those times get rarer and rarer the older they get. I'll say an extra prayer for your son and that motorcyle -- you can't talk them out of it so you just gotta pray. Have a great week!

Staci said...

Oh my........Prayers, many prayers!

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