Monday, June 2, 2014

My Kind of Cookbook

So we had one day worker left last Friday morning and seeing as it was too wet to tear up the roads, he and DH sat at the dining room table and visited for much of the morning. We love Tye. He's living in the mountains now. hunting bear for a living. Yes, you can make a living doing that and Tye is a master at it. He invited DH out for a bear hunting expedition and I know  how  much he's going to love that. I may have to go drag him off of the mountain.

Closer to noon, our college girl ran off with her Daddy and they headed east to check on the rain. DH called me soon after and said one of our friends who helped us work this week, was headed out to visit. LOL. They just keep coming back. So I pulled out leftovers and paper plates and another extended visiting session ensued. But Matt's like family, as is Tye, and our door is always open.

Weather is always a pertinent topic in these parts and it made me laugh to see these two comparing radar maps. Neither one is particularly tech savvy, but they are both avid weather watchers:

Matt brought us this:

A few weeks ago, when he and Amanda were over, they brought up a cookbook they had run across at the vet supply store in town. It piqued our interest and we planned on asking about it the next time we were at Paul's, but Matt showed up with a copy for us on Friday.

This is my kind of cookbook. Its got history  and stories


and recipes that are shared in the best way!


I love how they just photocopied the actual recipes from the recipe cards or from pieces of paper or from wherever the recipes were found.  The handwritten recipes and added notes and additions or substitutions scribbled in the margins add such a personal touch.

So much more charming than having everything typed and orderly.

I have already decided that I will need a few more copies of this book for gifts. I haven't had the chance to really devour it yet, but it is waiting in the wings for those spare moments between batches of rolls and sinks of dishes.

Through the years I've collected a good number of recipes that have made it to the best loved recipe book:


I posted about a few years back here.

Now that we are empty nesters, our eating habits have changed. I no longer have a need for washtub sized casseroles or desserts that serve a small country. However, I still find myself searching out new  recipes to add to the collection. I still love cookbooks, but I have learned to be much more selective of those that will earn a spot in my cookbook library.

 This one has earned a spot.


Dorian said...

It looks like a great cookbook Karin. I, too, collect them, and have way too many that i dont' use. lol Take care.

Nancy said...

My favorite cookbooks are ones printed by churches. I know the recipes are family favorites and are delicious. Your new cookbook does look like a keeper!

Deloris said...

Is there anyway we could get a copy?


Denise in PA said...

What a fabulous cookbook! I agree, I love that the recipes are shown in their original form! I think I may have to find my own copy.

Speaking of bear hunting, I'm 30 mins outside of Philadelphia and in the middle of surburbia...and there have been FOUR black bears in our surrounding neighborhoods in the past month! Yikes! I get nervous every time I take my little Lilly (Pekingese) outside - she'd definitely think she could take on a bear. Last week, a bear went to visit the WaWa - no kidding!

Alycia said...

That looks like a great book! I know what you mean about the washtub sized meals... somehow 4 gallons of milk didn't make it a whole week out here ;-(

Vickie said...

I'm bettin there's some good old fashion kind of recipes in there..I looked back at your post about the recipe box...and my goodness yes you have a lot of cookbooks and recipes. Maybe you should consider writing a book about cooking for the hired already have the interesting stories right here on your blog !

ytsmom said...

You better get to town and snap up those cookbooks! I checked Amazon and Ebay, the going price is $50!!!

Staci said...

Sounds like you had a very nice time with unexpected visits from friends. That's the best, sometimes, isn't it? And what a charming cook book! did you find some real treasures in it?

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