Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Year Snow

I love it when it snows here.

We're outside no matter the weather - its just the nature of what we do.

Cattle and horses need to be fed.


 Ice needs to be broken.


 And eggs need to be gathered:

6" of snow deterred the chickens from their morning exploration, but once it had melted a bit, they left a trail:

I never tire of the graceful way the snow covers the tree branches:

When I'm around headquarters, I've always got my trusty sidekick:


Sylvester is my constant companion and 6" of snow does not keep him from his duties.

Sure am glad we had our New Year's Fire the night before!

Lately the sky has been gray and our high was 30 today, but the other day, the sky was just as crisp and clear and blue as I've ever seen it:

This is the kind of day that is good for my soul:


Judy said...

Your pictures are simply beautiful!

Pauline said...

To me, our most important people are not those who sit behind desk and push pencils, or those who move money. The most important people are those who raise and transport our food and commodities! Without you and others like you, America would collapse! Thank you.

Nancy said...

Isn't the air after a storm the best - fresh and almost sparkling even when you take a deep breath! Your photos captured the beauty following the storm but show the additional work it requires, too.

Kristie said...

The snow is beautiful! Just as you mentioned, we are outside no matter the weather. We just have a tiny farm compared to yours but there are still many things that have to be done.

Janet O. said...

Lovely post!

Doniene said...

Gorgeous! So glad that you got moisture!!

I've missed a few blog posts - your blog doesn't come up in my google reader - so I have to remember to look for you on bloglovin!

Blessings and hugs!

Staci said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful photos!
Missing seeing snow since we moved here.

carol fun said...

Karin - your pictures are gorgeous! You have a great eye! Love your companion Sylvester - he's a real trouper. Stay warm!

Dar said...

Your pictures are beautiful and make me wish I could be there to see them in person. You have captured the feeling of freshness and serenity and beauty in God's handiwork. My hat is off to you and your family for the work that you do.

Dorian said...

Oh yah! Beautiful snow. Lucky you. We've had a very light dusting this winter, and that is all. Maybe 1/2". I'm hoping our Spring will be full of it (we get most our snow in the Spring months, even into June sometimes! Lol) Have fun with it.

allthingzsewn said...

Most people only feel the cold and never look for the beauty. Thanks for sharing.

Scrapatches said...

You have such a wonderful camera eye. I have been scrolling down through your pictures just enjoying the show! Kitty in the snow is my favorite shot.

We have a lot more snow here. So far most of my pictures have been taken from the inside looking out ... well, yesterday I had a good excuse as there was three plus feet of snow blown up against all our doors. My son and hubby had a tough time pushing the door open far enough to get the shovel out through the crack in the door and start pushing it back. I rather stay in and sew ... ;) Pat

Sarah said...

Pretty. Only a tiny part of Australia gets cold enough for snow, so most of us haven't seen it. I love the chicken foot prints!

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