Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Turning on the Sewing Machine

January 21, 2015. Today was the first day I turned on the sewing machine since a good week before Christmas. It's time. Time to make a plan...or not. Time to just sew. Something. Anything.

These blocks have been sitting in a pile for quite some time. Yes, its a Christmas quilt and everyone has more than likely had their fill of Christmas for a while, but it's at my fingertips and it needs to be stitched into a top so a Christmas quilt is what I'm working on today. I hope to get in about an hour of stitching.

I also finally made time to make a few thank you cards.

One of these days I will learn to make these ahead of time so that when I need them, I am not scrambling. My supplies are stashed in the office closet  and I'm working on carving out a little corner in there where I can leave things out and work on cards as time allows.

We've been enjoying incredible weather these past few days. 65 degrees makes for an unusual January, but I'll take it! It makes my daily walk-about much more enjoyable. Its a toss up on whether I'll be enjoying a sunrise or a sunset. Depends on the day. Today the sunset won:

And we've got a 100% chance of snow this evening through Thursday. Snow for my birthday? Yes, please!

As for today, I'm going to fix myself another mug of Emergen-C in hopes of warding off the post-Dallas Crud that DH is fighting. Unlike most men, he's the perfect patient. He doesn't fuss or complain - not even a little, but he's feeling pretty puny. Alas, cattle must be fed so we're heading out to do what we do. Since our girl's been home, she's been DH's sidekick - time treasured by both of them - but now that she's gone back to school, he has to settle for me... and a little stroll across the pasture at sunset.


juliehallfeldhaus said...

WE are having some warmer weather too. A little snow the last couple of days but suppose warm up again. It sure makes a difference for the guys and chores are easier the when it was below 0!!

Nancy said...

Ranching and farming are 24/365 jobs and being sick is not an option. I remember my brother and mother milking and feeding when they were ill: the work had to be done when it had to be done - animals must be tended.

Love the Christmas blocks. By working on them now, you'll have a finished quilt to enjoy next Christmas.

Pauline said...

We enjoyed the "warm" weather for awhile too. We don't have snow in the forecast, but we are promised rain. That's good! My big Janome is in the hospital. BooHoo. But it's my fault. Something that holds the needle shaft in place broke and the machine started skipping. I was told it happened because I used the needle too, too long. The Dr. said I should change the needle ever 8 hours of sewing. Not like the old machines where a needle could be used until it didn't leave a shadow. Going to be a "tasty" bill. Lesson learned. I'm also starting some Christmas stuff too, so don't feel alone. Glad you're getting some sewing done and hope DH is soon well. He'll feel better if you fix him some chicken soup. Promise!

Alycia said...

Happy Birthday!!! your sunset is gorgeous!! Hope hubby feels better soon!

Cathy said...

I love reading about your ranch life! And I only dream of snow. We haven't had any since '83. :)

Staci said...

Oh, I hope you don't get down with the crud! Poor thing!
And Happy Birthday to you! I'm a January girl, too!
Not done with Christmas here, either. I'm planning to cut out a Chrismtas quilt as soon as I clear a couple projects that have a deadline. Hoping if I start now it can actually be finished for Christmas 2015!! Here's hoping!

toniaconner said...

Happy Birthday, hope you get your snow. Dons had that same crud, seems to take about six days, today's the first day he has really eaten. So he is on the mend. Hope DH is doing better soon too. I hate to see em draggin themselves out in the cold when you know they don't feel up to it. Gotta getter done.
Your sunset is gorgeous. Tuesday was the first time we have seen the son is a couple of weeks.
Enjoy your Birthday.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Happy, happy birthday! What a beautiful sunset photo - the sunrises and sunsets have been amazing here the last two or three weeks. So glad you were able to get back into the sewing room! blessings, marlene

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