Tuesday, November 1, 2016


November?! How did THAT happen? Goodness! It's all going by so fast. Just odds and ends filled up last week and another long day at the sale barn wore me out yesterday so it made no sense that DH and I were both awake at 2:40 this morning. I took advantage of the extra hours and had a cherry pie baking in the oven by 3 a.m. It was out of the oven and cooling by the time the boys came in for breakfast. Their eyes lit up when they walked in and every one of them said, "Pie for breakfast!". Just like little kids.

I just have a small bunch today and made egg-sausage-cheese McMuffins, potatoes, and fresh fruit for breakfast. They are getting Million Dollar Spaghetti, fresh rolls, green beans, and a big salad for dinner.
My bread baking sabbatical didn't last very long. The little sprinkle of sea salt on top of these just makes them our new favorite.

I've got a fella coming today to stay in the bunkhouse while he works on a gas well. I don't know how long he'll stay and his crew of men will be here tomorrow. I don't think I'm expected to cook for them, but I'll have Devon over to eat until his men show up. I probably won't be able to keep myself from at least baking them cookies later in the week. :) So I've been hauling and washing bedding from the bunkhouse and waging war on the wasps while DH moved feed bunks:

Our girl blew through this weekend on her way to Oklahoma and left us with this rascal:

And Skeet loved having Uncle Harvey around:

I don't know who wore who out, but I think we're going to call it a draw:

On the sewing front, I did finish piecing the western quilt and took it in to Jackie on Thursday when we went in for a Safari club meeting. I completely forgot to take a picture before handing it off. I have also been binding a quilt for 2 weeks now and I still have 2 sides to go:

It's a big one, but I'm a slow binder and I did start another quilt, using this pattern:

I thought it might be constructed using 2 1/2" strips, but when I got the pattern, I realized that it uses 3 1/2" strips. It's been too long since I made a QOV so this is up next:

I'll have enough leftovers for supper so I hope to sneak in a little sewing this afternoon. And that concludes a very long, rambling update on what's taken place around here lately. :)


Carol said...

Those rolls look larapin! Is the recipe on the blog? Kinda look like a cross between a roll and a biscuit.

Tired Teacher said...

Whoa, Skeet has grown into a dog! He's almost as big as Harvey.

Love that pattern - it will be a beautiful QOV.

Janet O. said...

My goodness, with all the hard work and cooking you do, I don't know how you have the energy for any quilting!
That pattern will be perfect for a QOV!

carol fun said...

Girlfriend...you are busier than a one armed paperhanger... honestly you never seem to stop! Those rolls look awfully yummy and pie for breakfast is my favorite meal...LOL I like that pattern for a QOV... it will look very sharp. Take care - hugs!

Denise :) said...

You are busy, busy, busy! Man, the dust flies behind you as you go, doesn't it?! LOL! So, that new bread...it looks interesting! Was that just a teaser??! :)

Dar said...

The rolls look yummy and PIE for breakfast is perfect!! I can eat pie anytime. I really like that pattern for a QOV. May have to borrow the idea when I get finished putting together all the blocks from the block drive I've got coming now. Always looking for something simple and fast.

Chiska said...

Pretty quilts! Sounds like you're having fun. Maybe I can talk my husband into making pie for breakfast one of these first days. He's head pie maker at our house--none better.

Nancy said...

I think I'm getting old. I was tired by the time you said a pie was in the oven by 3 a.m. I want to know: did those men get to eat cherry pie for breakfast? I remember my father mentioning once that growing up on the farm they had a big meal for breakfast which sometimes included pie. That sounded great to me when I was a kid.

I'm a slow stitcher, too, when it comes to sewing the bindings in the finishing step. I don't enjoy measuring and sewing bindings onto the quilt by machine but once that's done, I do enjoy the hand stitching.

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