Monday, July 19, 2021

Away From the Dirt Road...Again

 I've been away from the ranch again. I scheduled my last post and headed out for Texas the next morning - Tuesday. My parents' estate sale was slated to begin on Wednesday and go through Saturday. I stayed with the neighbors - they've visited us multiple times and Daddy called them 'the kids' as they are a little bit younger than my parents and they truly have become family. One evening we sorted through Daddy's stamp collection:

Spent one morning, after walking, cleaning out the storage room behind the greenhouse - Bob pulled everything out while we walked and then we hauled it up to the garage:

I walked with them in the mornings and although the company was fabulous, the humidity wilted this desert rat:

One morning we walked 3 1/2 miles in the rain and came back soaked but it was a light rain and we laughed when the sky opened up and it poured as we walked up to the house:

I didn't hang out at the estate sale - just popped in each day to touch base with them:

Saturday was the last day of the estate sale and I donated what remained to the Assistance League - we helped pack up on Saturday, they finished up on Sunday and they came to pick things up on Monday.

A group of mom and daddy's friends wanted to get together for one last toast and round of stories before the house went on the market and then we walked across the street to one of their homes for a steak supper (everyone brought a dish)

Had an appointment with our financial advisor on Monday.

Met one of mom's friends for dinner one day and another had me over for supper.

Had a cleaning crew come in and clean the house on Wednesday to ready it for showings. The realtor scheduled interior photos for Thursday.

Headed back home on Wednesday.

And now I'm running on empty, but after 8 days, I am elated to be back home:


Donna said...

What wonderful neighbors!!! You will miss them and they you!!! Please let us know how many hours it takes to sell your parent's house! Ha! I hope whomever buys the house fits right in with the rest of the neighbors!

Dorian said...

Good morning Karin, glad you are back home. Sounds like things went well with the house. Have a lovely day.

Nanette said...

Welcome home. I am so happy that you were surrounded by loving, caring friends during your trip. Breathe in and enjoy being home.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

wow- you have been SO busy!!!
Did you try to bring the rain back to your ranch with you?

The Joyful Quilter said...

Best of luck on the sale of your parents' home!!

Sherrill said...

Oh gosh, looks like some good times mixed in with hard work (with lots of help from the friends!!). I know you'll be glad to have all that done and get the house sold (which may have happened already as quick as stuff moves here in TX). What a great bunch of friends your folks had.

Lisa said...

You have had one of the most difficult task to handle. And it could not have been easy. I can't imagine how draining it must be, emotionally and physically. Thank goodness and what a blessing for your parents neighbors and friends. Hugs to you! I hope you can feel the love from SD.

Carol in Texas said...

What a wonderful neighborhood your parents were in, and I am sure they helped make it that way. You scheduled everything beautifully! What a job! I hate to think what we will be leaving behind for our kids to clean up! I need to keep that in mind I guess. Kudos for a great job completed. I know you were happy to be home again. There is NO place like home! I suspect your early morning on the ranch are much cooler and drier than our mornings here in Texas.

Shelly said...

What a huge amount of work this has been for you. I'm so glad it's starting to reach its end. Praying for the house to sell to good people that your parents' neighbors will love.

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