Thursday, May 26, 2022

Under the Needle: May

 I know May's not over yet, but I've got a full week ahead and I know sewing won't be a part of it. It's been a while since I've posted an Under the Needle report. I had intended to post them once a month, but I haven't been very good about getting that done. Lately, I've just been puttering here and there in my sewing room. I always have multiple projects in various stages of completion going on at once and this time of year it's harder to get to them when so much of my time is spent outside.

DH has helped the neighbors 4 days in the past few weeks and that means we're crawling out of bed at 2:30 in the morning. Crazy hours. He always tells me I should just stay in bed, but I always feel better if I at least make him some coffee to take along and then I brush my teeth and then I'm just awake. So, more often than not, I will write a blog post, clean something, read a little, and then spend that free time playing with fabric.

And yes, later in the day, there will be a nap. 😉

Recently, I've been working on trimming a pile of HSTs I made in an attempt to empty a bin of fabrics leftover from another quilt. There were 408 to trim. I recently splurged on a 3-piece set of Bloc-loc rulers and I have to say, I am really liking the accuracy:

I am also piecing a quilt top that uses 155 of the above HSTs and includes another little appliqued sailboat:

And when I get the hankering to just run fabric under needle, these little 16 patch blocks are piling up. I am working on Bonnie Hunter's Winter Blues quilt: 

Around here, we don't get the blues in the winter because although we get really cold, we always have incredible sunshine so I will probably end up renaming this. I have a healthy stash of blues and even though these pieces are small, surely I am making a dent in the bin.

I'm making a little progress on my Follow Your Heart project:

This was a Sweetwater Kit I bought 4 or 5 years ago. I'm not a fan of kits, but I still love this and I'll love it even more once it's out of the project bin and an actual quilt. All the squares have been cut and I'm drawing hearts onto Heat & Bond Lite, cutting them out, and pressing them onto the blocks.

I am also binding a quilt I started in 2016

And I finished this quilt a few weeks ago

Farmhouse Flannels Quilt

So apparently I'm very productive at 3 a.m. 😕 Alas, unless DH is helping the neighbors or I'm cooking for the crew, the only place you'll find me at 3 a.m. is snuggled under a quilt, snoozing. 


Gretchen Weaver said...

It's amazing how much work can be accomplished in the very early morning. I admit to an afternoon doze in my chair also. All of your projects look like fun. Love the plaid quilt!

Twyla said...

As I age I am waking up in the very early hours. I tend to just get up rather than lie there thinking oh I will drift back off to sleep. And I get quite a bit done. Sometimes after a couple of hours I am abel to go back and continue my rest. As always your quilts look so good. AND thank you for the lemon meringue pie cake recipe. OH MY GOSH!! so good.

celia ambrose said...

I love the flannel quilt you showed! Nice to see your other photos too.

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