Thursday, December 6, 2007

Cowboy Days and Musician Nights

Our son plays the guitar and he's unearthed a musical ability that seems to have eluded his Mom and Dad. His sister plays a mean piano too.

This week he had 2 Christmas Jamborees. Monday was Jamboree #1. It made for a late night as wherever 2 or more musicians gather, music shall be played until the wee hours of the morning or in the case of school age musicians, their parents begin dragging them out the door.

Alas, we were scheduled to work those heifers I wrote about yesterday and those wee hours of the musician's morning were butting heads with the wee hours of the cowboy's morning.

Then enter Jamboree #2 on Tuesday evening. Can we say tired?

Here is David introducing DS and bragging on him. He's only been playing a year and although I think he has incredible talent (of course), it's really neat to hear other people recognize that. DS played some awesome improvisation solos. It's fun to watch his fingers fly over the frets and strings.

The past-bedtime hour was worth it. Two very cool nights of good music. DS's guitar teacher is just phenominal. His passion for music is contagious and he is extraordinarily talented. He teaches not only guitar (acustic, electric, classical, jazz, bass) but drums, piano, fiddle, mandolin and voice. I love it when someone is passionate about what they do for a living.

So the kids just played their hearts out. They played solos and duets and trios and quartets. DD played "Little Drummer Boy" on the piano as a duet with DS and although they bicker when they play at home, they both played harmoniously and were both very pleased with one another. For the quartet, they chose "Angels We Have Heard on High" and it was magical. Yes, he is my kid. Yes, music makes me cry. But it was still just beautiful to hear the 4 different parts come together so sweetly.

For some reason, DS looks mad when he plays. In every picture I snap he looks like he's not having any fun ~ until this one: Ahhh ~ there's a smile!

I guess he's just concentrating ~ way to focus kid! We'll gladly keep balancing those musician nights with those cowboy days. You just keep on strumming!

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