Monday, December 31, 2007

Closing Out Another Year

Hard to believe that I have already turned all 12 pages in my present calendar! Seems like only yesterday I was graduating from college. That was 21 years ago! Yikes! Guess I'm showing my age!

My BIL and his kiddos are heading to Granny and Grandpa's this afternoon. They'll be back on Thursday for one more night. I love my family, but I am tired of company.

We are celebrating DH's birthday today as well. He started his day by cutting the colts this morning with his brother. Then they'll do a little hunting and shoot some shotgun together. We made Auntie's Chocolate Cake for his birthday and it's doubtful there will be much left at the end of the day. Don't know who Auntie is, but she has an awesome recipe for chocolate cake! Thought we might go out, but seeing as it's New Year's Eve, we would rather stay home.

It's almost a given that we won't be ringing in the New Year at midnight. After all the company we've had over the holidays, we will be snoozing by 9. I figure it's midnight in New York by then and that's good enough for me.

I am looking forward to 2008, but being a scrapbooker, I tend to reflect on the past as well.

This has been a good year. The things that matter the most are all intact:

1. My realtionship with Christ is growing
2. My family is healthy and happy and safe
3. My marriage and love for DH is amazing
4. My children are a constant joy
5. I am surrounded by incredible friends
6. I love my life

I am truly blessed!

May you all have a very safe, healthy and blessed New Year!


agent713 said...

Happy New Year Karin!

Sara said...

Happy New Year to all of you. Great post by the way.
I hope you get a chance to rest tomorrow.
we won't be ringing in the New either. Only by our deep breathing and snores, :)
love ya,

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