Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ringing in the New Year

Gee. The new year has only just begun and I already feel as if I'm running late. Happy New Year everyone! We didn't do much ringing in on the 31st. We turned down 3 invitations from friends to get together and I feel badly about doing so. We just did not have the energy.

I've had 2 days to recuperate from all the holiday company. 4 of them will be returning tomorrow. With the exception of the past 2 days, we've had overnight company for 2 weeks straight.

This morning I took down all the holiday decorations and packed them back up. The house looks empty and naked.

I've caught up on laundry and spent much of the past 2 days working on a holiday puzzle. We love puzzles even though it seems we only do about 2 a year. No-one seems to want to work on them until I pull one out. The kids didn't work on this one too much. DH and I were kind of puzzle hogs. That means we spent much of New Year's Day hovering over missing pieces. I cooked the proverbial Black-eyed peas and a pork loin for dinner, but shied away from the kitchen as much as possible. We had enough leftovers stashed in the refrigerator to see us through these past few days.

The kids started out the new year with sore throats and that icky, achy feeling that often signals an onslaught of "Momma, I don't feel well". We all needed these two days to just lie low and hibernate and fill up on vitamin C. Thankfully, they are feeling better.

I am not feeling very hospitable today. I am simply companied-out. This time my BIL and his kids are only staying one night ~ I think. DS will give up his room, make his bed in the office and we'll pull out trundle beds for everyone else. I adore this bunch and wish they could come more often, but I am just wore out. That's what happens when you get I'm told.

I wouldn't know.
I'm not old.
I just feel that way.

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