Friday, January 18, 2008

In Search of a Comforter

I have a habit of holding on to things. I keep things I love forever.

Example: I didn't want a new camera. I loved my camera, but it quit working.

Example: We drive a 9 yr old F-250 deisel with 189,000 miles on it. I don't want a new one. I love this old truck and I hope it continues to haul us up and down the road for many more years to come.

Example: I love the comforter that covers my bed. However, it has seen better days.

Through the years it has been party to hundreds of books read aloud until I am hoarse.

It has kept us warm on those frozen winter nights.

It has welcomed many a small child into it's warmth in the middle of the night when only the spot between Mommy and Daddy will do.

It has been the place we dive under to read the next installment of Summer With the Monkey's by flashlight.

It has been the place we all gather to visit before going to bed. Often DH will come in the bedroom to crawl into bed and find DS and DD and I curled up and deep in conversation.

He grins and starts teasing and tickling toes in hopes of reclaiming his bed. It is 16 years old and ready for retirement. It is worn and threadbare and the batting is showing in many spots. Dh informed me that it is time for it to go. I knew this day was coming and I have looked for a replacement every now and then. No luck. Maybe I am just being picky. This happens a lot. If we need something, I will seach and search and search some more before making a choice. I would rather go without than settle for something that I just kind of like, but once I find exactly what I want, I will have it and love it forever.

So now I must step up my quest and get something else. Something that looks good with our oak bedroom set (this too took forever to find. We searched the entire state of Texas and New Mexico. We've had it for 16 years and I love it as much as the day I bought it.) Something in earth tones with a dark red and maybe green. My birthday is coming up and my parents sent me some money so I think I'll get myself a comforter. I spent much too much time hunting on the internet last night and I printed a few possibilities out for DH to look at this morning. He said he was leaving it all up to me. Sigh. I just wanted a little input.
So I think I have narrowed it down to 3 choices:

Think I'll just print off all three, scrunch them into balls and let the cat choose.


Dogtowngirl said...

I vote for number one, if it counts for anything!! Dogtowngirl

Anonymous said...

I like number one and number three.But then,I'm partial to bronc riders. ;)

Anonymous said...

I vote for #3 and I want to know where you're getting it from!

BTW - I blog now!

Ranch Wife said...

Diane ~ of course it counts!I am still undecided though. Wish I had only found one of these and then I wouldn't have to choose. Wish they weren't so expensive either ~ we're cowboy ranchers, not cattle barons.

Jennifer ~ wonder why I'm not surprised!

Bobbie ~ This is DH's favorite too. I love it, but I love the whole look and it's not cheap! Don't think I can let go of a couple hundred for a couple of pillows. I'm searching the internet for Remington inspired tapestry fabric. I found this in a catalog called Crow's Nest.

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