Thursday, January 17, 2008

3rd Installment From My Old Faithful Friend

Still on the fence about the new camera. I don't actually think it's the camera. I think it's ME getting used to a digital SLR. I was very comfortable with my advanced point and shoot. Now I am being tossed into the sea of aperatures and white balance modes and I am doggie paddling my way across the waters. So please be patient with me.

As promised, here is the 3rd installment from my old faithful camera:

Thought this was kind of a neat shot of DH and DS shooting shotgun one afternoon in January. Just liked the way the clay bird is flying off into the air:

We love to fish and one early morning as we arrived at the dirt tank before the sun made it's appearance, I found this little guy perched at the edge of the water:

DS and DD sledding with the 4-wheeler. Don't remember ever laughing as hard as I did on this day. Oh, my goodness! Just too much fun!

These next few are from Spring branding. It's one of the busiest times of the year for us. Everyone puts in long, long hours. It's a lot of work, but there's always a lot of teasing and laughter amongst the crew and we look forward to it all year:

DS who is 6'3 has become the designated flanker:

Might be easier to help Dad up if you weren't laughing so hard dear (yes, her legs are really as long as they look!):

We always have an abundant supply of kittens and although they should be just ordinary barn cats, we somehow become attached to them. No, this one does not live inside. She just seemed to gravitate towards the piano when the kids brought her in for a few minutes:

The view from my kitchen window leaves much to be desired, however, it's where the kittens seem to congregate in the spring and they are always entertaining to watch:

Snapped this photo of DS when he was starting one of the colts:

Someone is feeling a bit frisky this morning:

I love watching DH shoe horses. Doesn't sound very exciting, but he's so amazingly good at what he does and I am fascinated by the way he works:

Another shot of DD in her favorite place~ the back of a horse:

Couldn't keep myself from stalking the horses on this beautiful afternoon. I clammored over fences and waded through mud to reach them:

and once I did...

They crossed to the other side:

What do cowboys do for fun? They participate in Ranch Rodeos...

because roping is in their blood:

and there's always room for a good hand on a team:

Now this cowboy's wife must bid you all good night. Morning will be arriving shortly and I will regret staying up this late.

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