Saturday, January 26, 2008

Apologies and Excuses

Last night we attended Cowboy Church and I was chastised by a dear friend who let me know that I had been remiss in tending to my blogging responsibility.

Guilty as charged.

Thus I come here this morning with remorse, a sincere apology and a plethora of excuses.

Excuse #1: I have heard that time speeds up as you get older and I recently celebrated a birthday. Thus, I blinked and a day...a week...a month...a year (take your pick) disappeared. I will be using this excuse repetitively.

Excuse #2 : We homeschool 2 teenagers. Thus, I have been drowning in SAT and ACT preparations and navigating the waters of Molecular Biology (well, actually molecules and Biology, but I just loved the way Molecular Biology sounded. Do I get brownie points for being honest?)

Excuse #3: We spent an evening with friends who introduced us to a South African safari guide and thus, I almost jumped on the plane with him. I should probably elaborate on this one.

Or maybe not. Maybe I'll just keep you in suspense...

Suffice it to say, I would have taken DH along ~ and my camera. The flight would be long enough that I just might have it all figured out by the time we reached South Africa.

Excuse #4: My new camera ~ I LOVE it! However, I signed up for an online photography course and I am juggling this new language and way of thinking. Point and shoot was so much easier!

Excuse #5: I spent one day with 3 friends ~one of them being the friend who is responsible for this post ;) and I introduced them to the world of scrapbooking. I warned you all that it was addictive!

Excuse #6 We have started on long-overdue and sadly neglected home improvement projects. I love to read before falling asleep and who knew that the Complete Drywall Book was so riveting?!

Excuse #7 I have been vacuuming ~ a lot! Yes that is an excuse. I bought the Dyson Absolute Animal. My only regret is not bringing this animal home sooner. Oh my goodness! Words can not describe this machine. I will not go into detail because it is simply too horrendous to describe and you do not want to know how much dirt this thing is eating. It is worth every penny. Love, love, love it!

Excuse #8 My family didn't take too kindly to the idea that I needed to blog instead of cook.

So there you have it. Am I forgiven?


Ranch wife said...

Yes dear friend you are forgiven. Reading your post, I am consumed with guilt at my selfish ranting about you not doing your blogging duties. It is just that....I miss reading them! And...not to make you feel guilty are anything....are we ever gona see pictures from that new camera? I want to see pictures of all the dirt that "animal" has picked up. Like I said not to make you feel guilty......
Ranch Wife

agent713 said...

You're forgiven if you elaborate on "South African safari guide" Wha?!?!?!

Thelma said...

You've had me hooked since your Tommy Lee Jones' dinner party post. Can't wait to hear about the Safari Guide story. :)

Nana T

Karin said...

Ranch Wife~I refuse to post photos of the dirt this animal ended up collecting. Suffice it to say, it was horrific.

Agent 713 and Thelma ~ you will have to wait a bit longer. Not much of a story until I get back from South Africa and the pennies aren't multiplying nearly fast enough.

Thelma~We did just have a friend return from a safari with Tom Selleck. That's the only celebrity news I have to report.

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