Saturday, January 5, 2008

Favorite Photos

Well, just a few of them. It would take until next Christmas to share all of them. I am a picture taking fool.

Due to the demise of my beloved camera, I am feeling low and in order to lift my dampened spirits I thought I would post a few of the memories we've shared together.

These are from 2003 and 2004.

Here is DS in the creek. He has always gravitated towards snakes and lizards. As he lay in the creek, this little frog hopped up his arm onto his shoulder. Love the expression on his face. Our children spent much of their childhood in the creek.

Unless it looked looked like this. Same creek, same spot.

The water would move so much rock that we were unable to cross it even after the water had receded so we would have a day of dueling tractors
Here DH is hauling tractor tires into the canyon via his trusty horse because it was the only way we could reach the tractor that was 2 miles back in the canyon. This was a fun day. A monday morning fieldtrip for us.

At one point we had trouble with the lions killing the deer and calves.
Branding day:

Cowboys are never too busy to take time out for a donut break. On the last day of works, I always make homemade donuts:

Here is DS tending to one of our doggie calves:

Branding time is family time and everyone pitches in:

We work hard, but we play hard too. Fishing is one of our favorite ways to relax. Love this photo of DS and DD:

DD's love for horses is quite evident in many of the photos I have snapped.

Here's another favorite:

Here are DH and DS moving the mares and colts across the ranch. The majesty of these mountains just takes my breath away. I love everything about this photo.

Lean on me:

A couple of friends came over to scrap one day and when I turned around and peeked into the living room I saw DS snuggled up with one friend's little girl. So sweet!

Baby birds nestled in an old tin can:


Snapped this one early morning. We left out at 4 one morning to haul DH and the kids to the other side of the ranch. As I was coming back, I stopped to admire the sunrise and snap a few pictures. I was so thrilled to have captured this shot!

That's all folks! I'll add some more at another time. I am feeling a bit better because browsing through my photos makes me smile.


Ranch wife said...

No wonder you cried when you had to move here. I think I would have cried, thrown a fit, and hung on to the bumper screaming, " I don't wanna goooooo." What a beautiful place. I showed them to Buck this morning. He just groaned and left. Bless your heart, now you are a desert rat like us. Ha Ha

Ranch Wife said...

I actually did all of those things and then some! Has taken me 3 years to be able to look at these pictures without crying.

I'm still a Texan and always will be. I'm just a Texan who has temporarily been relocated.

I see God's hand in it now, but oh how I fought His plan!

I am still however, fighting the desert rat thing. Don't mind being a desert rat, but would prefer to be a desert rat in the mountains.

Once again though, God has blessed us ~ with wonderful desert rat friends!

Le@nne said...

LOVE these pictures!! I would LOVE to come and visit/work your ranch :P

I LOVE the photo with "the big cat" I almost jumped out of my skin when I saw your son that close to it!!

I hope you get a new camera SOON - you take great photos

Ranch Wife said...

Thanks Leanne ~ Welcome to the end of the dirt road! Visitors are always welcome ~ there's always work to be done, although the wind is howling today. Not the best time to be outside. DH is out there as always, but we are hunkered down in front of the schoolbooks.

agent713 said...

Those pictures make me smile too :) Although I admit that some of them are so perfect they look fake. I mean that as a compliment. It's hard to believe a place that beautiful actually exists!!!

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