Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The North Wind Doth Blow...and Blow...and Blow...

Winnie the Pooh would call it a blustery day. It's our 2nd blustery day with another scheduled for tomorrow and it shows no signs of calming down. Sure hope it's not a sign of a windy spring. We generally have quite a bit of it in the spring. Someone needs to clue in the wind that it's arrival is a bit premature this year. Last time I checked, January didn't qualify as spring, but then I am always the last one to hear about any scheduled (or unscheduled) changes.

This is what happend the last time the wind blew although last time it was accompanied by rain and rain is something we NEVER complain about here. We have huge trees in the yard and I did have to shed a tear for the loss of the many big limbs that were scattered about.

And the time before that:

I'll try to dig up the piece I wrote that corresponds with the above photo later today.

I actually have no reason to gripe. I'm sitting here in the warmth of the cozy house, nursing a cup of hot tea while DH is out battling the elements. Unfortunately, I too will be heading out into the cold, cruel world a bit later. DD has her piano lesson and thus it's the day we tend to all of our errands and that means a trip to town. Ick!

Did I ever mention that I don't like town? I'm certain that I have and I'm pretty sure I'll mention it again in future ramblings. Alas, trips into town are the price I have to pay if we want to eat and since I LOVE to eat and my family will rebel when they face bare pantry shelves, I will bear the burden of enduring the traffic and dodging the crowds. I will bring home delectable things to cook and bake, splurge on chocolate (town=stress and chocolate will help to alleviate that, but I'm sure you already knew that!) and hopefully leave the bronchitis germs in town.

Our old faithful truck has a date with the mechanic too. The 4-wheel drive will not engage. Apparently I am the cause of this. I was reminded of the time I took some friends to the backside of the ranch to an old fishing hole and I fell off into a hole, or ran into something, or ran over a spot I wasn't supposed to run over or stuck my tongue out the wrong way.

Hmmm...funny...I don't remember that.

So, since we hope to take a family skiing trip next month, it would probably be a good idea if the 4-wheel drive operated.

If the mechanic asks me what happened I will plead the 5th.

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