Sunday, January 6, 2008

Feeling Like a Slug

It's simply one of those days. Every bone in my body feels lazy. I wish I could enjoy it, but I feel terribly guilty. There is always something that needs to be done and here I sit, not wanting to do any of it. To make matters worse, DH is out working. He is always working. Ranch life affords us so many incredible opportunities and I get to live this amazing life! However...

the hours are anything but normal. No 40-hour weeks around here. Honestly, you can put as much time into it as you want to, but DH doesn't have a lazy bone in his body and he is always working on something. He truly does ride for the brand and he works 7 days a week. He has an amazing work ethic which much of society seems to be lacking. He doesn't work more hours for more pay. His income is the same whether he works 30, 40, 60, 80 hours (or more) although the ranch is more profitable if he runs it correctly and then the end of the year numbers are much more to everyone's liking.

Its not as if we don't see him though. I like to go on feed runs with him and the kids are champion fence builders. The kids have been horseback with him for as long as they can remember. Every aspect of ranch work is a family affair. We work hard and we play hard together. There's often time to throw a fishing line in the dirt tank in hopes of catching dinner. It's an incredible way to raise a family although I have learned more about windmilling than I ever wanted to know. My degree's in Animal Science and I never knew a thing about windmills except that they make great photo subjects! Through the years, that has changed and I am now well versed in sucker rod and checks and cylinders and pump jacks and leathers and blocks and tackles. I have enjoyed every moment with the exception of the morning he woke me to fix the same windmill...for the 5th day in a row and when the mindmill had to be fixed even though the wind was blowing in excess of 50 mph.


My BIL and his darling trio headed out on Friday. They spent a late night spotlighting on Thursdayand I tried to keep my eyes open until they came back to the house. At 11:30 I finally sighed and gave up. They came in some time after that.

It took me most of the day just to put things back in order. Wash sheets and towels. Pack up the last of the holiday decorations. Scrub down the kitchen. Put trundle beds away. Clean the bathroom. Wash the floors. Stand still for a minute and absorb the quiet. Get ready for a trip into town.

The last place I wanted to be was town, but there was a 4-H dance at the Elk's Lodge and DH and I had made plans to take some friends out to eat. We rarely (very rarely) eat out, but when we take the kids to a 4-H dance, DH and I enjoy a date night. DS was feeling under the weather and opted out. I envied the fact that he would be heading to bed early although I hated that he wasn't feeling well.

Very recently, a dear friend that we have known for 20 years moved to the ranch that neighbors us (about 15 miles) on the east end. With the holiday craziness, we have been unable to get together and I was looking forward to meeting his new wife. We ended up enjoying a wonderful supper with good company and great conversation. I adore his new wife and look forward to getting together with them often.

DD brought her best friend home from the 4-H dance and they stayed up laughing and talking until the weeeeee hours of the morning. I, however, was oblivious to it all. My head hit the pillow and I was out like a light and morning dawned much too soon.

I took DD and her friend over to the neighbor's yesterday where her friend's brother was working to drop her off, but there was a last minute change of plans and she came back home with us for one more night. Love this kid and she's welcome here anytime. Then I spent a bit of time visiting with said neighbor who is a hoot. She has become a very dear friend and when she and I and dear friend #3 get together, gut busting laughter will be the 4th ingredient and there will be plenty of it. I have been blessed with amazing friends!

This afternoon I planted the Canna bulbs that my friend shared with me yesterday and they will make me smile every time I look at them when they bloom. She has an amazing green thumb and graciously shares her gardening gift with her brown-thumbed friend.

I guess I wasn't completely worthless today. I did make bacon and biscuits and gravy this morning and bread and roast and potatoes and a salad for dinner. We have enough leftovers from the past two days so we are having a YOYO (you're on you're own) supper tonight.

3 late nights in a row are more than I can handle these days. I want to crawl into my bed by 7 and curled up underneath my flannel quilt with a good book.

The day of the slug is officially over.

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