Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

It's here! Whether we're ready or not.

I'm ready.

Or not.

But I did get it together enough to get out all of our Christmas cards ~ with photos and my annual Christmas Poem. Each year I think I'll forgo my holiday poem, but almost every card we receive mentions how much they look forward to it each year so each year I squeeze out another one.

Edited at the request of a sweet friend:

Family Christmas 2007

A Thanksgiving snow kicked off the season this year
It put us all in the Christmas mood you can bet
It’s hard to believe that it’s December already
I must be getting older…nah, surely not yet!

We’re decorating the house and planning the baking
Playing “O Holy Night” and “Deck The Hall”
The gifts are being wrapped and placed under the tree
Keeping Christ’s birth in the center of it all.

We look forward to hearing from friends far and near
And catching up with your family news
The letters and cards that arrive each day
Bring smiles and stories that amuse.

As for us, we’ve been truly blessed
The rains were abundant and plentiful this year
The cattle are fat and the pastures are green
Fuel prices are our only real fear.

At 6’3 we must look up to grin at Tyler
He loves to hunt, shoot shotgun and plays a mean guitar
He’s a junior this year, taking college class too
His dream of attending the Air Force Academy will surely take him far.

At 14, Caitlin is now taller than I
4-H and piano keep her on the move
She’s working with colts and shoots like a champ
And she loves riding as part of the crew.

Gary still works 24/7
He’s always got a project going
Starting the colts, gathering cattle
Forging metal and keeping water flowing.

My days are busy, filled with so much
Schooling. scrapping and cooking for the crew
I like to sneak out and snap a few photos
Whenever I have the opportunity to.

Here’s hoping that this year finds you all well
May blessings abundantly flow your way
May your Christmas be merry, your New Year be bright
Here’s wishing you a magical holiday!

Then there's the photo. I am running out of ideas, but I do like these. I had planned to shoot them in black and white or sepia, but the morning light was so pretty. Couldn't pick just one to share. It was so-o-o-0 cold when we took these ~ about 22 degrees. DS chose not to wear a coat becuase he thought the picture would turn out better for me. Poor kid. I told him to wear his coat, but he wouldn't budge so we walked across the water lot and he stood out there freezing. I snapped away as fast as possible and then we all scurried back to the saddle house to put the tack away and made a beeline for the warmth of the house.

Love this one with Primo's tongue sticking out. He's worse than a little kid!

I hope that all of you have a magical Christmas. May you be richly blessed by the Lord's presence during all of your holiday celebrations and in the coming New Year!


agent713 said... we get to read the poem?

Karin said...

I added it just for you! They're silly, but it's fun to look back on them through the years when we pull out the Christmas Scrapbook.

agent713 said...

That's awesome Karin! Well done :)

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