Saturday, December 22, 2007

Over the River & Through the Woods

Today we headed out in search of the perfect tree.

Yes, I am well aware that it is December 22.

Yes, I realize that Christmas is only 3 days away.

And yes, I know that I am behind schedule.

I really don't need to be reminded.

Today was the only day we could get anywhere near a tree. And seeing as we live in an area that is completely devoid of trees, we had to drive 100 miles, crossing over a river and walking through the woods in order to complete our mission.

In the process, we spent a very enjoyable day with Granny & Grandpa who happen to live in the mountains.

We awoke this morning to find a dusting of snow upon the ground, packed up and headed west. We were greeted by hugs and a platter of Granny's homemade cookies and Christmas candy.

My mother-in-law is an awesome cook and her baked goods are out of this world. I tried to resist the tempting offerings, but it was all in vain. I am weak and Granny's goodies are irrisistable...mmmmm!

I couldn't cook a lick when DH and I married. He really took his chances. He was spoiled since he grew up with a master cook for a mom. My mom is a wonderful cook as well. I had big shoes to fill on both sides. Took me a while, but I had the best teachers and DH was a great guinea pig.
So back to our main objective.

Grandpa jumped in with us and pointed us in the direction of the perfect tree. We all bailed out and began wandering around in circles. Except for DH. He always knows where he's going:Actually, I was probably the only one wandering around in circles. I am not known for my sense of direction so when the Whoops were heard, I followed and they lead me right to the perfect tree. Then it was my turn to Whoop until everyone was gathered together. I wouldn't have minded if it had taken longer. The weather was cold, yet exhilirating, and the mountain air was intoxicating, but our hunt had reached the end.
Will this one do?
DH is the man for the job:
It's a group effort...
The tree looks small in DS's hands. He's 6'3 though and that tree is over 7' tall.
Hope the pickup's not too far...

When we returned back to Granny's, the welcoming aroma of fresh, hot rolls and Crock-Pot Pizza had us all clamoring to the table. Our meal was complete with a crisp green salad and a new recipe she got from her twin sister. It was a corn salad that looked a bit odd and not very appetizing, but oh my ~ was it ever delicious! Must have that recipe. Oh, may we also have the recipe for that fabulous Peanut Brittle?Then it was time for pie! Granny makes the bestest pies in all the land and even I, who is not a pie person, can not resist her apple pies.

We all ate too much and then went back for more. Will we ever learn?

Alas, we had to turn back towards home, but our quest had been successful and it had been a wonderful day! Now we are off to trim the tree!

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