Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gig 'em Aggie's! Whoop!

Around here we bleed Maroon . Texas Aggies to the core! DH is class of '85 and I am class of '86. With the Aggies playing in the Cotton Bowl on Friday, I wanted to share this video. It makes me bawl every time, but I have to listen to it on a regular basis and it even runs through my head when I don't.

Love Granger Smith, but then again you can't go wrong with Texas Country!

The kids used to say that they grew up thinking that there were only 2 colleges in the entire world. The 'good college', TAMU, and the 'bad' college, UT. LOL We've got dear friends who are die-hard UT fans though and we love them too so please don't send me ugly comments. It's all in good fun.

It's the whole Aggie experience that is difficult to explain. I don't care where I go, people stop and ask me when I graduated and what I majored in and we strike up conversations when they notice my ring. I was even on an airplane, flying to Europe and had several people ask. Once I had  flat and a couple stopped to help. Said they stopped because of the Aggie sticker on the back of the truck. :) 

Here in NM, New Mexico State is known as the Aggies. I tell people all the time that that is just wrong. There is only one Aggie. Our girl was heavily recruited to attend there...full ride scholarship and then some, but I guess she has some of that Texas Aggie maroon blood in her too. Wonder how that got there! :)

We  don't even watch football around here...unless it's the Aggies. We used to...back in the day...WAY back in the day. Think Tom Landry, Dallas Cowboy Era. LOL. And of course we were huge fans in high school and college.

Went to a financial adviser's office once and had to laugh. He had a doormat that was half A&M and half UT. He had one child attending UT and one at A&M. :)

I've been hoarding A&M fabric for a while. An Aggie quilt is in my future!

I never even applied to any other school. I told my parents that if I couldn't go there, I wasn't going anywhere! When I got back from the Fish Camp orientation, my Daddy said that I had been brainwashed. He may have been right.


Cindy said...

I understand your commitment to your football team.

Okay, do I dare admit it - YES , I DO !!

I'm a diehard Buffalo Bills fan. Hubby and I grew up an hour away from the Bills stadium. Our kids are named "Jim" and "Kelli". (You remember the "good old Bills team - Emmit Smith, Andre Reed and YES - quarterback JIM KELLY!!!) "Our" day WILL return...LOL All our family, on both sides, are diehard Bills fans too. We BREATH Buffalo Bills, we WEAR Buffalo Bills - and we talk Buffalo Bills.

Ok, I'm bad. But, you see, I understand your FOOTBALL love. LOL

I'll now return to my corner....ROFLOL

Sallie said...

Gig 'Em! BTHO ou!! WHOOP! We bleed maroon, too!

Sherrill said...

Oops, sorry. BOOMER SOONER, GO OU! YAY! Haha I live in TX but grew up in OK so naturally love me some Sooners.

Theresa said...

Great video! I didn't go to A&M but my brother is class of '96, was in the Corps all four years and a Ross Volunteer, so I well understand. We're stationed in AL right now so I really enjoyed watching the Ags BTHO 'Bama!!

Darlene said...

Hook 'em Horns! (just sayin') LOL

Mary E. Stephens said...

LOL. You make me laugh. :-) Enjoyed this post. Only Texans. :-) My niece went to A&M. ;-)

Stitches by Suzanne said...

I knew that I liked reading your blog. Class of 87 here stuck living in frigid Iowa due to our job.

Gig 'em


Lou said...

Hook 'Em!!!!!
Haha!!!! Live in Central Tx so follow the Horns but have become a Baylor fan since RG3 graduated from my HS in Copperas Cove:) Also a Skins fan because of him!
Follow a bit more A&M since they are playing better:) esp with Johnny Football:) haha!!!
I usually root for all TX teams college and NFL except the Cowbabies....since Jerry Jones took over I haven't been a fan...hubby is so it does get interesting around here:)
OK back to work.........

Pauline said...

I totally understand. I wasn't able to go to A&M (Texas, what else) but love the Aggie spirit. You have to really know an Aggie and live here to fully "get it!" Yea Aggies will be watching Friday to see Johnny play.

Denise :) said...

Rammer jammer and roll tide! Gotta be proud of our teams, right?!?! You bleed maroon ... I bleed crimson ... they're both in the red family, right?!? And thank goodness we're not bleeding 'orange'! LOL!! :)

Staci said...

Thanks for the giggle!

Mary E. Stephens said...

Correction on my comment - it was cousin, not my niece, that went to A&M. Ack. Sorry. I guess it was a brain burp. :-)

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