Monday, January 7, 2013

UFO's Beware!

  Have you heard this song?
My List

I love lists, and I love this song, but today's list is about quilts so nothing as important as Toby's list although I have one of those too.

This list helps me stay focused on my quilting goals and hopefully keeps me from adding to my UFO collection. In fact, this year I want to finish every one of these projects. Don't all quilters say that every year?

This is my master list for the year and I'll break those into monthly goals...kind of like eating that proverbial elephant. :)

1. Chimneys and Cornerstones QOV - pieced this from leftover hst's from the ones I made last year although I had to make about 100 extra hsts. :) On it's way to Jackie's.

  2. Scrap Jar Stars - finally settled on a backing. Ready to take this to Jackie too.

3. Made in Cherry - This one needs binding:

4. Bunny Hill Baby Quilt - this is a rail fence with diamonds pattern that I made from a tutorial over at MSQC. I whipped this together on the spur of the moment and don't think I even posted about it. It's ready for Jackie too - think she'll open the door when she sees me coming?

5. Bohemian Festival Baby Quilt - another one I just put together lickity split - I need to add a bit of applique and a border or two, and then I am going to attempt to quilt it myself.

6. Baby Gypsy Quilt - I am making this using the left over blocks from college girl's Dirt Road Gypsy Quilt.

7. Western Scrappy Trips - Oops! - more left over blocks. When I started making these, I didn't have the black fabric in the correct position to make a chain throughout the quilt so I am going to make a new plan and use these.

8. Granny Squares - this is YOUR year Granny!

9. Horse Strip Quilt - I played with this fabric about 3 years ago and never came to a decision about how to piece it so I am going to do something with it this year.

10. Portabello Market Quilt - I bought these fabrics when they came out - about 5 years ago? Started piecing something and then folded it away. Time to do something with it. It may need a complete overhaul.

11. Easy Street - Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt - working on some of those steps today:

12. Pony Tails - Haven't shared any of this one because it is one I pieced before I started posting about quilts. Needs custom quilting around the applique.

13. Irish Flower Garden - At Jackie's. Poor Jackie.

14. 30's Raw Edge Circle Quilt - Off to Prairie Moon Quilts in a bit.

15. Western Skies - I am having Shelly quilt this one and then I'll have some binding to do! My favorite part!

16.3 R's Quilt  - I love this pattern! It fits me to a T! This is a pattern from Shelly over at Prairie Moon Quilts. I made one block and the it was put on the back burner. Time to bring it to the front.

17. Wool Quilt - ready to baste and begin hand quilting

18. Let it Snow! Quilt - this is the one I finished two days ago and posted about.

This is a list of every, single UFO I had as of January 1st. I am determined to get these finished. Let's see how far that determination gets me this year. If this was all I had to do, I would have these whipped, but alas, my real life calls and I squeeze the quilting in where I can. Right now, my real life is telling me it is past my bedtime, and I would be wise to heed its call. :)


Carol said...

What wonderful, wonderful projects! You're going to have a very fun year!

Pauline said...

Goodness gracious! You have as many UFO's as I have! The difference is I haven't made such commitments, I know, I should have, but I only have 52 more 2½ inch strips to cut and I can start sewing a scrappy trip around the world! I know I should have started on some UFO first, but they became UFO's because they were lacking something. Right? I'm sure they are still "lacking something." Therefore, they sit hiding on some shelf, somewhere. Maybe next month.....?

Deanna said...

Not a bad list. Less than one per month (providing you don't start new things....HA!)

What size are the squares in your granny blocks? One of those is on my list, too.

Hilachas said...

Wow! You are accomplishing so much. WTG! Can't wait to see the finishes.

Darlene said...

Serious list of projects, Miz Karin. You are in for some fun. I'll be watching and cheering!

Vickie said...

I want to see your Pony Tails quilt, I love the name. Easy Street is one I printed the directions to, but I never did decide on what colors to use. Since I didn't sew-along, and have seen the finished product, it should be easier to decide. Good luck getting them all done! Your horse looks like he/she is thinking "that must be mine!"

Nancy said...

Making the list is the first step, and I think your determination to finish them in 2013 will be enough of a push achieve that goal.

Several of your projects caught my eye, and I look forward to seeing their progress.

Panhandle Penguin said...

Holy son of a monkey, Mama.... And don't kid, we all know you're gonna start even more projects before you get all of these finished ;) Hahaha best of luck to you- does DD get any of these? :D

Staci said...

How brave you are to make a list! =)
I am too scared to do it! Especially since my SOMEDAY lists gets longer by the day. Maybe I should quilt looking at blogs? Gets me in trouble all the time!

Michigan Gal said...

Go, Karin! That's a good idea to have a record at the beginning of the year. I predict you'll finish all these and add 10 more throughout the year! Looking forward to seeing them all completed. :)

Alycia said...

Go Go Go!! Except - are you sure you only have 18? I think I might be jealous ;-)

Karin said...

some great quilts! can't wait to see them finished! just don't get caught up in the #scrappytripalong :)

Happy Room Diana said...

Wow I'm exhausted just reading your list [ not that I do not have as many UFO's as you!] I guess the answer is to really list everyone.. I have a parial list on my blog.

little apple tally said...

#1 is gorgeous. Literally jumped off the page at me. Wow!

Jo said...

I LOVE seeing a LONG list of UFOs. It makes me feel at home!!

Karin said...

I´m looking forward to see the progress on your list for 2013. I cut mine back for this year - I have way more in my mind as I can actually sew.

JMF said...

Can't wait to see all your quilts finished:) I need to try and finish some things too.

Shelly said...

That's quite an admirable list. I have a Granny Square and a Scrap Jar Stars on my UFO list, too! And I need to get to quiltin' so you can have a couple more finished!

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