Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Waiting on a Man

A few years back, Brad Paisley had a hit with a song called "Waiting on a Woman". A sweet song, but around here, I seem to wait on a particular man a lot. I'm definitely not complaining. He's worth waiting for. He sure doesn't like to do the waiting though. :) And  if waiting means I'm helping, then I'm his gal.

Last Wednesday morning he needed to gather Devil's Tank pasture and he had 4 others meet us at the highway on the east side of the ranch at 5 a.m.

 One particular friend was back to help after recuperating from a nasty horse wreck. It's good to have him back. It was a gorgeous morning although the only light in the sky was moonlight:

I dropped them off and waited for DH to call, signaling me to meet them at the pens, 7 miles away. I came prepared. Once it was light enough to insure I wouldn't meet up with any slithering serpents, I enjoyed a little walk. Then I worked on my paper pieced stars a little while listening to an audio book. I am currently listening to "The Kitchen House" and really enjoying it.

It was such a pretty morning and I enjoyed the company and sweet song of this little fella as the sun rose:

Sure wish this was our high for the day:

Alas, it was not to be although 100 is considerably more pleasant than the 110 we've been recording. DH called me when they got to the pens and I headed that way. When I arrived, DH was sorting off a pair that belonged to the neighbors:

And they funneled them, along with a few more head, into a small pen before loading the pair into Hector's trailer:

Lots of time goes into raising cattle that are gentle and easy to work. 

It's always good to catch up with the neighbors:

They came up short a few pair and when DH and I drove out, he spotted a few of them so he climbed back on his horse and I drove back to the pens to set the gates and wait for him:

And an hour later, they sauntered by

The cool of the morning had dissipated by then and a long, well-deserved drink was in order

after logging in a lot of miles:

And a job well done

I think I'll pick these two up and take them home. The 4-legged one deserves to be hosed down. Don't know if the 2-legged one would have gone for that, but I'm betting he'd settle for a home cooked meal that includes cherry pie!


Anonymous said...

Love the way you write about your day. Sounds peaceful in many ways. Although I'm with you about the heat. I live in the eastern panhandle of WV and it's murder here when it hits 90. -Robin Elaine

Tired Teacher said...

How I remember the days of waiting and shuttling equipment, hay, or animals from one farm to the other. I miss those times: thanks for the memory jolt.

Your photos are beautiful and tell the story well.

allthingzsewn said...

You are really getting good with that camera and narrative.
But you can keep that heat. The stars are looking great, how many more to go?

Nancy A: said...

I always enjoy the glimpse you give us of your life. We were traveling last week and I started to sew my PP 6 point stars. Only have two done so far. I have arthritis in my hands so this is going to be a long and slow project. Keep posting pictures. I am anxious to see how you go about putting it all together. Have you figured out how many stars and hexes you are going to need? What size quilt are you going for. I would like to make mine a queen. Think I will do a border -- maybe 2 or three -- to cut down on the number of stars.

Gwynette in NW Arkansas said...

Love looking at all aspects of ranch life through your eyes! I've done lots of shuttling and waiting while my man moved heavy equipment from job to job. The Bible says we are to be our husband's "helpmeet". I gladly except the duty and challenge! Thanks for the wonderful photos!

Pam Martin said...

I love it when you list the books you are reading. Leila Meacham is an excellent author. Thanks.

Barbara said...

Being a girl who has spent her life in the suburbs, I truly love reading about your life on the ranch. Thanks so much for sharing it. It is clear that you not only love your husband but the life you share as well.

Rhonda said...

Great photos & a sweet memory of a round up morning!!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

I fight rush hour traffic every day twice a day--your day sounds peaceful. i grew up on a farm--remember well those long days and struggles with the weather

StitchinByTheLake said...

I left my sister's this morning (where I enjoyed cherry pie too!) and it was 73. When I arrived home 400 miles later it was an even 100. Yuck! blessings, marlene

Dar said...

This was a beautiful visual post as well as a great narrative. You are a trooper when it comes to getting up so early. I know your man appreciates you as much as you do him. Lovely life you have.

Mary E. Stephens said...

I enjoyed this pictures of real ranching. :-) Thanks for taking the time to post them and write about it. It was a pleasant read.

Hope things are well there. We have had an abundance of rain, though not as much as some areas around us. We are thankful! Others are probably praying that it stops. :-/

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