Thursday, August 25, 2016

What I'm Working On

On Tuesday. I ran off with these two gals for the day. Lord have mercy! These two are a hoot! So good for the soul, but tough on the bladder. LOL

We headed to our favorite quilt shop that is 75 miles from the ranch. It's 50 miles farther for my two partners in crime and we seem to only be able to make the trip once a year.

I meant to take some pictures in the shop, but we ate dinner at our favorite establishment. It's decorated like an antique/junk store and the food is wonderful:

and as soon as we blew into the quilt shop, we were so caught up in our adventure that I completely forgot to take any more pictures. Needless to say, we poked our noses into every nook and cranny, plotted and schemed about future projects, and pulled and contemplated each bolt of possibility.

My little punch card had been filled so I had earned $20.00 towards my purchase. My total bill came to $7.49. Pretty good, considering I could have spent a whole lot more! I just picked up 1/4 yard cuts of some fabrics that I thought would fit into my love of scrappy quilts.

I haven't found time to stitch since since I've been home from my trip to Texas, until today. I was inspired to pull out my Indian Summer quilt project and concentrate on getting the top together:

I'm using the Jewel Box pattern, but I altered it just a tad in order to keep the focus on my inspiration fabric:

All the square in a square blocks are finished:

And I'm piecing the little 4 patches and assembling the alternate blocks:

Our 4-H quilting group, The Quilt Squad, is meeting in town on Saturday to work on this pattern:

But I may be stitching along virtually, because I don't think I can make myself go back into town. :) Hope I don't receive a demerit!


Janet O. said...

We need fun little getaways like that now and then, don't we?
I absolutely LOVE that you are doing your jewel box with a dark background. Makes the focus fabric shine and gives a whole different feel to the design.

Dar said...

I love your jewel box colors. That was one pattern that I earmarked years ago, but somehow it has never been started. Yours will be beautiful with the dark background, as Janet said. Looks like you and your friends had a blast. What a nice trip to make each year with great friends.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like girl day and you deserve a day out. I get tired just READING about what all you and your husband do daily. WHEW! Love the fabrics you chose. Quilt on!

Tired Teacher said...

Road trips with friends are great fun.

Your new fabrics and projects are wonderful - Happy Stitching.

Pauline said...

Love the color combination! Can't wait to see it all put together. Rev up that machine Karin!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog so much. My daddy was a real cowboy, so the pics and ranch adventures are a pleasure to read for me.
Glad for you to be able to go have fun. Please give us info on these quilt shops, cafes and other places you visit as when we travel it would be nice to know where a good lunch, fun fabric shop or other places might be located. Thanks for your time you share with us. tk

StitchinByTheLake said...

You did much better than me - we just made a trip to Branson where there is a huge, wonderful quilt shop and a small, filled to overflow cross stitch shop. My cup runneth over. And my budget is shot! blessings, marlene

Sandy Panagos said...

Those fabrics are beautiful. Sounds you had a great day with your friends!

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