Monday, October 9, 2017

Fall Cow Works - Day 1

 I'll be cooking for the crew for 6 days this week and on Saturday I HAD to get to town for groceries. The list was long

 And the price was steep

I spent another $150 at Sam's and it took me 10 trips to haul everything in to the house.

I fixed waffles this morning

along with eggs, bacon, and fruit for breakfast and then jumped in the rig to haul the boys out. Lots of silhouette photos because it was too dark for anything else, but that SKY!

You simply cannot beat a New Mexico sky

These all came straight out of the camera:

This place is big and I often haul them out and drop them off to help out. Then they might only have to ride 15 miles instead of 25 although DH said they rode about 30 miles this morning.

This morning, we drove 24 miles to their drop off point and it took an hour to get there.

It was such a pretty morning and a crisp 35 degrees so I'm betting their horses were frisky

I came back to the house, washed up the breakfast dishes and threw together a second dessert. Initially, I was planning on going in to work after breakfast, but I'm going to haul the boys out again after dinner and my boss said they'd be fine. I'll check in with them after I drop the crew off and go in then, if need be.

I went out to feed the chickens and guineas. I can't figure out if these two are the parents or just 2 hens, but the babies are never far from their watchful supervision

The baby guineas are growing fast

This little fella was soaking in the first rays of morning sun:

So, since I thought I'd be going in to work, I just fixed something that would stay hot and be simple for DH to drag out at noon:

Taco Soup with Fritos, shredded cheese, and sour cream

And Ginger Snaps and O'Henry Bars for dessert.

Leftovers for supper!


Tired Teacher said...

Wishing you a great week with no snags or troubles.

Salmagundi said...

Your schedule boggles my mind --- ranch wives are 'super heroes'!!

Janet O. said...

Your posts always amaze and exhaust me!
Love the photos of the morning sky--and the baby guineas. :)

Dorian said...

Gorgeous photos Karin! Thanks for sharing with us. I always enjoying looking at them.

Sherrill said...

The $$$ don't sound too bad when it's for a crew for 6 days. I think you work magic in the kitchen. Great photos!

Ruth said...

You really have the skills needed to serve food to a hungry group of workers!! Those sky photos are just beautiful. So calming, yet the cowboys and horses add some movement to the scene.
Love that little baby guinea!
Thank you for all your hard work!!

Gwynette in NW Arkansas said...

You go, Girl! The crew is lucky to have you banging the dinner bell!!

Pauline said...

What a beautiful life you live! Great pictures we both enjoyed. You are amazing!

Lindah said...

Wow! What an interesting post. Beautiful photos. Riding 30 mi? to get to where they wanted to work? Ouchie. When I was little, around 10 maybe, we drove back to visit relatives, travelling across NM both ways. Still to this day some 60 years later, I believe those sunsets in NM were the most beautiful I have ever seen. The silhouettes in your sunrise photos are quite nice. Also, the O Henry bars are quite nice looking. lol

ytsmom said...

That is a lot of groceries, especially since you are probably not buying a lot of meat. And the washing up would not be fun!

Dar said...

Great photos of the early morning sky. I've never seen a baby guinea before. They are really cute.

Alycia said...

You are so right your sunrises are amazing!

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