Thursday, October 5, 2017

Road Trip

A few weeks I made a quick trip, 3 hours south, to help our boy's girl while she recuperated from an outpatient surgery. Our boy works out of state and he had to get back to work so I headed out on Wednesday. She's doing well, just needed to get a little rest and that's hard to do with a 2 yr old. But it's a joy to spend time with this particular 2-yr old:

We had so much fun!

I took him to the best park ever:

I don't remember parks ever being like this when I was growing up, or even when our kids were little. but then again, we didn't ever spend much time in town:

I thought I might wear him out, but I think it was the other way around:

Feeding the ducks was the highlight of the day:

One for ducks:

One for T:

And no trip to the park is complete without a stop for ice cream

I also needed a thimble so when I spotted a Joann's, I pulled in for a minute. I couldn't find the thimble I was after, but T found some fabric:

They had 4 different dinosaur fabrics and he chose this one:

Good call kiddo:

I made him a dinosaur pillowcase, but I think a quilt is in order as well. Maybe I DID wear him out!

I fuss about technology a lot, but I must say that my GPS was a blessing as I am completely lost when I'm in a real town:

I also stole a little time away to spend with this incredible kid:

She took me to the most amazing bookstore, but I'll share that in a later post. Her grad student obligations keep her chained to her office, but we stole away for a few hours and grabbed lunch at Cracker Barrel where the stress cow found a new home:

Her graduate project involved dairy heifers and working on your thesis definitely means that a Holstein stress cow fits the bill perfectly. Stress cow for one hand and caffeine for the other:

She's well armed and ready to take the world by storm. I love this kid! It was a good couple of days, but duty calls and I had to get back home to my humble abode:


Janet O. said...

Oh, Karin, having just had a 2-year-old at my house for 25 days, I can totally relate to this post!
You got great photos of your time together--but of course you would. :)

Ann Nell said...

What a handsome young man !! I absolutely LOVE the windchimes at the park.

Unknown said...

I just bought some of that dino fabric to make crib sheets with. The new parents were thrilled!

Pauline said...

Another great post! You are amazing, and so versatile you seem to easily adapt to any situation! Such a cute little boy. I'd just love to give him a big hug. Glad his mom is Mom is doing ok.

Sherrill said...

Yeah pretty sure parks are WAY different than when we were kids!! They need something to really GRAB their attention even if only for a few. I took the rugrat great nephews to the GREAT State Fair of Texas on Thur. and my phone logged over 11,500 steps..I WAS POOPED (and it was hot out there). But I think they had fun (and I got a new mattress out of the deal, WOOHOO!). Looks like you had a wonderful time.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

I want him! Ha ha !! What an adorable little!! and! he loves fabric - he is the perfect child - glad you got to see the grad student too ( did she get a hair cut?)

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