Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A Bit of Sewing Progress Amidst the Daily Adventures of Ranch Life

Yesterday was the first day we've had sunshine in 11 days. That's probably a record here as we have over 300 days of sun here every year. It was a welcome change though and the perfect way to welcome Autumn. In between raindrops, I managed to get the chicken coop mucked out and hauled in many loads of sweet smelling loose hay from the floor of the barn:

 Our dirt tanks are full

and the pastures are thick with grass. The ranch has had between 2"- 6" of rain and we're incredibly grateful.

We made a fast trip to Lubbock last Friday in the rain (almost 3 hours one way) for some shopping

Doesn't everyone shop for livestock scales when they go shopping? And yes, that is all we shopped for. We were there for 2 hours and then we ran into Cabela's for 30 minutes, grabbed a bite to eat and headed home.

DH has been making ladders in the shop

for the storage tanks we installed and plumbed in a few weeks ago:

So, even with the rain, sewing time has been hard to come by, but the Four Corners quilt needs attention and is at the top of my priority list. DH is helping the neighbors today and tomorrow which means he leaves by 4. And yes, I do get up with him as we like to start our day together and I stumble into the kitchen to make him coffee while he heads out to catch and saddle his horse.

That leaves me empty morning hours and I am spending them at my sewing machine. It took me a while to figure out where I had left off and remember that the pieces weren't lining up right when I put it away

There are some pieces that called for 1 7/8" squares cut in half and I cut them into 2" squares, but I guess I was more precise with my stitching than I thought and my seam allowances probably weren't consistent from time to time as I put this project on the back burner for weeks and then months, and the parts didn't fit together properly. The way everything fits together, there really isn't a way to trim either so I had to re-cut over 300 1 7/8" squares into HSTs. Much better!

I finally reached the spot where I had originally stopped because June got crazy and was able to make some more progress:

This pattern isn't hard, but it requires concentration so things don't get turned around and I can't listen to an audio book while sewing on this one. Now that I'm back to working on this, I hope to stay focused and get this into a top soon. I've also got a box of fresh orchard picked apples I'm working through  and the house smells like fall:

And I've got small bunch to cook for on Thursday and Friday and antelope hunters will be here this weekend which means stripping and washing bedding for 6 beds and cleaning the bunkhouse. DH installed a new water heater for it last week.

 And next week we start weaning calves so I've got a trip to town planned at the end of the week for groceries.

I am really going to love this quilt and I'd love to keep it, but it's a Christmas gift and it's frustrated me enough that it's doubtful I'll make another...although I've been known to change my mind.

All of that SHOULD keep me out of trouble, but I'm not making any promises. :)


Sherrill said...

Whew! You are a non-stop girl! That quilt probably, in my house, would've been put away forever. That kinda stuff, especially in that proportion, aggravates the livin daylights outta me and then I'm done! You persevere. And THEN you clean out the bunkhouse so a bunch of guys can come hunt? Whew again.

Tired Teacher said...

Ooh, so glad you've received so much rain. Love the progress on the quilt, and the colors are great.

Janet O. said...

Boy, it would keep me out of trouble, but might land me in a care facility recovering from a breakdown! :)
Your life is so full and you are an inspiration to me, Karin, in the way you just do what needs to be done and sandwich in time to sew somehow!

Shelly said...

Woman! Your schedule sounds insane! I do know what it's like, tho -- the work never ends on a farm, even when you want it to. Sometimes I have better things to do than continually fix fence and fill water tanks, but those always have to take precedence. Today things are pretty calm around here (knock on wood), and I'm finally making some good progress on some tight quilting deadlines. Your dirt tanks look so wonderful, all full like that. And all the tall grass -- Blessings!

KaHolly said...

Ranch life is not an easy ride, is it? Beautiful pics showing the reality! Mmmm, apples!

Ruth said...

I have come back to this post three times now (I read you regularly) and I am so smitten with that photo under "Our dirt tanks were full" that every time I have to stop and admire that line of red hills and that deep periwinkle blue water.
Thank you!!

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