Saturday, October 14, 2017

Fall Works - Day 6

Well, my attempt at posting each day I cooked this week was an epic fail.  Between cooking, washing mountains of dishes, and hauling the crew out, I didn't have much time and I figured that yet another photo of  me making yet another batch of bread just didn't make for the most riveting daily reading.

  Not that I ever post anything riveting, but variety would be nice. :)

A food photographer, I am not and although it's really hard to resist fresh baked bread

Or apple pie

Or a plate of Cornpone Pie (and yes, that is sitting on a paper plate. Remember, no dishwasher in this old ranch house and after washing mountains of dishes, leftovers get paper plates at night.)

the photos just never look as appetizing as the food tastes. Today is day 6 of 12. We have one more day today, then break a week to tend to other ranch duties, resuming for another 6 days the following week.

The boys have had absolutely beautiful weather this week:

 And then we had an unexpected storm roll in last night:

That dropped 1.7" on the south and east side of the ranch:

They have spent the week gathering the pastures, which is why they ride 15-30 miles in the morning. The pastures around here vary in size, but they run from about 3 sections (1,920 acres) to 16 sections (10,240 acres) and they'll gather multiple pastures. Last night's rain required a change of plans for today. We drove east last night to check on the rain and DH drove north at 3 this morning to check on the north side. We had rain there as well, but not as much and the roads aren't  under water so they'll gather, sort, and process what they can and then come gather some bulls and run those through the chute.

So I'm back in the kitchen for one more day, but before I start on dinner, I'm going to enjoy a mug of tea, a cinnamon roll muffin, and dig into the Word

Edited to add link to Cinnamon Roll Muffin post


Janet O. said...

The food looks delicious, and the photos of the storm's aftermath are gorgeous!
I'm glad you have a minute to yourself for some devotional reading, but that muffin looks wicked. Are you sure it should be consumed while reading The Word? LOL

Sherrill said...

Such beautiful pictures you post..all tell a little story. I'm assuming gathering is about the cows/horses and are they moving them in? What's happening when they run the bulls thru the chute? Bet you can tell I'm a city girl! LOL Might need to post the recipe for the cinnamon roll muffins..they sound fabulous!

Shepherdess55 said...

I may be the only one but I do find your posts riveting. Your ranch is so different from the typical farm here in Wisconsin that I enjoy reading about it and learning something new every time. For example, we measure farms in acres here. In other states I've learned they count quarters (160 acre quarter sections). Now I've learned in your part of the world it's entire sections.

Glad to read I'm not the only one without a dishwasher. Well actually, I have two and they're at the end of my arms. :-)

I second Sherrill's request for the cinnamon roll muffin recipe. Please post it when you have time.

Tired Teacher said...

I love homemade biscuits and rolls. Seeing your photos reminded me of my Mom's baking.

Wishing you a wonderful week.

Gwynette in NW Arkansas said...

You had me going!! I was looking forward to your menus and cooking adventures and when I saw DAY 6, I thought I had missed it!!! LOL! Sounds like it is an epic job, rather than an epic fail. Thanks for sharing what you managed to photograph....loved it all!!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Yum! Looking at your food has made me hungry. Please send some of that rain east, conditions here are very dry. Your ranch covers massive amounts of acreage

Dar said...

It appears you are hard at work again. Your food photos do look good to me, enough that I wish I had a cinnamon muffin. Beautiful pictures of the storm too. About washing lots of dishes--I live in the city and my dishwasher has been broken since last Christmas, so I totally understand! It gives me more time to listen to an audiobook though, so sometimes I don't mind.:)

Joyce said...

I love reading your blog and seeing the magnificent pictures. That one picture showing the clouds in the right upper section looks like ghost riders. Just beautiful. I thought my husbands grandparents property in Texas of 400 acres was a lot!! LOL. God bless

Joyce in NC

Mary Ann said...

Enjoy your photos of all the delicious food you make. Bread is my weakness!!!

Donna said...

Homemade biscuits and bread! Nothing better and your pictures made my mother water!!!! My best friend in school was a farm kid. Her mom made all three of the daughters help cook for the crews of men during the summers! I don’t know how you do it by yourself! You are amazing!!!! I love reading your blog!

Ruth said...

Oh, my mouth watered at the first sight of the biscuit cutter in the midst of the dough! Such beautiful pictures! I could feel the spread of the sky and the reach of the horizon reflected in the puddles. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

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