Friday, October 27, 2017

Shucking My Apron

I keep intending to write posts, but lately I feel as if I'm running to keep up . Two Mondays ago  we had a big sale and I didn't even leave the sale barn until 8 p.m. That's 11 hours of sitting at the computer. The sale doesn't ever break and something sells every 20 seconds or less and I have to keep up with the sale. My job's not hard, just intense because if I'm not vigilant about it, a price or weight might be wrong or the wrong animal ends up being charged to the wrong buyer or to the wrong consignor. I've gotten really good at eating dinner...and supper at my computer while I work on Monday. Good thing I like my job! :) I really enjoy the folks I work with too, but it's safe to say we're all plumb wore out by the end of days like that.

When it's not Monday, these have been my tools of the trade these past few weeks:

But for a few minutes on Friday and after the boys ate dinner on Saturday, I shucked my apron, set aside my rolling pin and picked up my camera.

I am still sorting through shots from past years for a wall of photos in my mudroom/entry way and I wanted to include one of two from this year. On the day I escaped from the kitchen for a few minutes, the crew had gathered the pasture with the bulls. These photos are from 2 different days so in some of the photos you see Corriente bulls and in others you see Angus bulls. They work them easy and the bulls get strung out - these are only a few of them:

It makes me sad that this old tree was struck by lightening, but I still think it looks neat in a photo:

The boys hold the bulls up

And keep them from making a run for it


As DH assesses them

And sorts them

And when the crew gets together, there is always time for another story. If you enlarge this photo, you will see DH is laughing at something Richard is telling him.

I'm sure the boys get tired of me pointing my camera at them, but they put up with me because they are unfailingly kind to the cook:

 And I'll close out with my favorite shot from the day. I ordered this one in an 8x10 and framed it:


Janet O. said...

You are such a good cook, but your photography is spot on, too. Great pics of the guys at work!

Sally Langston Warren said...

Loved your pictures! That last one is going to make a nice print! I think the one of the three of them (where your husband is laughing) is so good too. I bet they would smile every time they saw that one! You lead a very busy life....but it's a nice busy! Thank you for sharing your pictures!

Melody A. said...

What a great photo of your DH!! looks like a lot of work and obviously everyone knows what they are doing especially you for keeping up with all of them!! wonderful pictures and great cooking, and sewing, you are amazing!! take care from Iowa

Anonymous said...

Your pictures always tell the story. You should do a book for all of us who don't live/see this life. Totally interesting and told with the camera.

Tired Teacher said...

Great photos. It looks like your DH's back has healed and that he's comfortable astride a horse again.

Denise :) said...

I understand what you mean about the writing! Your job sounds super-intense! Great photos ... I do love the vicarious living through your photos viewing! :)

Dar said...

Great shots of the guys at work. You are just as good at shooting action shots as you are in the kitchen. I know your DH is glad he met such a wonderful women. You two are perfect for each other, I can tell. It looks like it must have been a warmer day there when you took these pictures than it is today. It would be Brrr out riding the horses today.

Pauline said...

Well you've out done yourself again! Fantastic pictures! Looks like you had a very large herd of bulls to cut out. Are they going to market or for breeding in other herds?

Lindah said...

Love seeing the action shots. Yeh, I'd say that one is worthy of being an 8x10. But I'll have to say.... I don't know how you do it all. You are amazing.

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