Monday, June 21, 2021

Taking a Break

 I am falling woefully behind on blog posts. Life is happening faster than I can write about it. Not that anything earth shattering has happend, but I want to document our days and I guess I'm too busy living life to spend much time on the computer. I probably need to work on balancing things a little better, but I figure I'm not going look back on my life one day and wish I had spent more time on the computer. 😉

Back in April ( yep, that long ago) DH and I loaded up in the ranger one morning and headed to the north end of the ranch.

 It takes close to an hour to get there, but we needed to check a few dirt tanks and look at the shinnery. We'd had some of our crazy desert spring winds and we thought we'd poke around some of the old Indian camps and do a little arrowhead hunting along the way:

We can't really take vacations (we've taken 1 in 35 years) so we find other ways to take a break while still tending to ranch responsibilities. It was such a pretty day and Skeet is always game for new adventures:

At one point we high-centered on a cactus and we shoveled our way out of the sand using our hands. One of us lay on one side and the other lay on the other side and we both just dug. Needless to say, there is now a shovel and a wench in the back.  😄 Skeet tried to help too. Shade is hard to come by when the mesquite still hasn't leafed out:

We've had some rain since then, but in April, the terrain was just down right discouraging to a rancher.

 We were still spending the majority of our time hauling hay to cattle. 

We didn't have a lot of luck on the arrowhead front, but a yummy dinner was on the menu when we got back;

And this is one of our favorite ways to take a break from ranch work:

And even though we were disheartened by the drought, we still found beauty in time together and in our surroundings:

And the rain prayers continue:


Dorian said...

Good morning Karin, glad you had a fun day out and about. It's always fun finding pieces of the past.

Donna said...

My husband's cousin is a big arrowhead collector/hunter. He is really good at finding them and he has promised to take me one day! I have watched videos on where and how to find them but haven't actually ever went out by myself to look for them! Looks like you have found some too!

Ruth said...

OH! I DID pick out the black and white "rock" as something interesting to pick up in that wind blasted sand photo!! Oh, my that looks so fun, to be able to visit an Indian Camp. My Dad took us on a tour of the Indian Ruins in Arizona one summer. Yes, in The Summer. What can I say, we lived on the Mojave, 119 degrees in August.

Sherrill said...

Man, I can't imagine having to dig your way out with your hands!! Glad that's been remedied for future problems. And you did find a few little treasures..YAY! Have you guys had ANY rain in say the last month? Hoping for a deluge to come your way.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Wow!! Your terrain is tough!!! I am glad you got to spend some great time together and have a yummy meal!
and you know what - you document when you can - we love the glimpses inside your world - so you just be you ( ((big hugs)))

Tired Teacher 2 said...

It’s so dry in much of the West - still praying for moisture, and at this point I would even welcome snow. Love the bits of pottery you found.

Chantal said...

Interesting collection. Sending rain prayers your way still. ;^)

Shepherdess55 said...

It seems the portion of the US in some level of drought increases every week. As of last week, about half of our state is now at some level of drought. Praying for rain for all of us.

Nancy A: said...

Oh, I wish we could send you some of our rain!

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