Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Thanksgiving Recap

 Here's hoping all of you that celebrate, had a Blessed Thanksgiving. We had a houseful for 5 days over Thanksgiving and I wouldn't want to have it any other way. They both have to make road trips...one from the east and one from the west. It's 6 hours for one and 8 for the other...but factor in a little one and it takes a little longer. I am so grateful that they all enjoy coming home to visit although I know it's quite an ordeal...making arrangements for critters to be tended to at home and feeling like you're packing everything but the kitchen sink when you have a baby. Time for Gram to step things up and keep some of those things here so they don't have to pack everything.

I was making the pumpkin pie when they showed up and our girl jumped right in and whipped up the apple pie. I'd been in the kitchen for most of the day. I'd made Taco Soup and left it in the crockpot for anyone who was hungry. I'd made the cranberry sauce, the vegetable casserole, boiled the eggs for deviled eggs, baked a pound cake, and made the spinach dip. I wanted to get the rolls made, but had cleaned house earlier and just ran out of time. All I know is that once this little one showed up with her Mama and Daddy,  I didn't want to spend any more time in the kitchen than I had to:

I have passed the turkey torch and Kenny is now the official smoker of the turkey:

 I started making the rolls first thing. Then there was only the dressing and potatoes and corn on the cob left to tackle. Many hands make light work and it just makes my heart so happy to see everyone working and laughing together. Grateful seems like such a small word to describe this big love I have for this tribe. 

Uncle Kenny is a natural

And sweet E hit the jackpot in the Aunt department

Kenny brought one of his duck dogs:

Ducks beware! 

Hunting buddies:

They are a fun couple:

And all of us were smitten with this little peanut:

Raising a reader begins early around here:

There's a big world full of adventure outside that window

First family picture:

Steph is such a good Mama

And it's such a precious thing for a Mama to watch her first born with his first born - this is my favorite picture:

Helping Daddy get the gate

E had her first ride in the Ranger:

Here's everyone making their way back to the ranger with photo props for family pictures:

I love that our girl captured her brother in this carefree moment:

DH was sick so we didn't get any pictures of him with E, but they are all coming back for Christmas so we'll make up for it then!

I am pooped, but my heart is full!


Janna and Mike said...

Your post made my heart glad! Family is the best!

Elle said...

Sounds and looks like you and yours had a perfect Thanksgiving celebration. Love the pics!

Gretchen Weaver said...

Do get some of the baby stuff, it really helps with traveling. There is so much for the parents to drag along. Baby cribs are a good storage space for quilts when the baby isn't around. Happy stitching!

Janet O. said...

Precious little one, and special memories made.

Lisa said...

It is so good to see everyone with big smiles! What a great Thanksgiving! That Grand baby is adorable. With distance being an issue with our Family as well I did get things so it is easier for the kids to come home with their families. We enjoyed 4 of our grands for the Holiday and the perfect ending to the day was being told grand baby #7 will be joining us in May.

Tired Teacher 2 said...

A wonderful post! Happy to hear your Thanksgiving was filled with so many blessings.

sandi s said...

Wonderful family visit for you all! Grands are always a joy to hold and cuddle. She is precious! Hugs,

Nancy said...

Such a fun Thanksgiving, Karrin. It is grand when our children choose to come spend holidays with us, isn't it? Your little granddaughter is adorable! So glad your whole family was together.

Dorian said...

Good morning Karin, awww, so blessed are you. So glad you had the kids home and had a lovely time with them. Take care.

Joy Van den top said...

Love all the pictures! Glad your family was home. Our son Scott smoked the Turkey this year also. It was really amazing. They had a house full for the evening. it was a great time. Seeing the grandkids and getting the hugs are the best!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

it sounds just wonderful!!! and a baby.... oh love!!
Hope hubby heals fast

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