Monday, September 4, 2023

A Sewing Day

 On Saturday, DH left at 5 to help his dad and a friend of his dad's work a handful of cows. I got up at 4 to fix him breakfast and then contemplated what to do with an entire day to myself. I had cleaned the chicken coop a few days earlier, mowed on Friday, washed all the laundry, cleaned my floors...looks like I had a day to sew! I still had to make a concerted effort to get into my sewing room because I always feel like I ought to be doing something windows REALLY need to be washed, but I talked myself out of that. πŸ˜‰

A sewing day it is! I began by sorting a few piles in order to make room for more piles when I picked up my Songbook stack of fabrics. 

I made this quilt with it 2 years ago for a friend's daughter who was embarking on her college adventure

And I've been wanting to make something else with it ever since. I had cut out the panels back then and I have an idea for a scrappy quilt, but I'll need to border them to make them all 6x8 and I wasn't ready to tackle that.

I also had a FQ pack of her second collection Songbook: A New Page so I spent some time pressing all of those. This text print is my favorite

I'd love to have some yardage of it. I had a hard time finding any, but finally tracked some down so this print will probably be in every quilt from now on. LOL. Then I cut a huge stack of squares from both collections and starched them in preparation for making this quilt by Kitchen Table Quilting

She also had a great free pattern for a Plaid-ish quilt that has been calling my name for some time.

I love the scrappiness of this quilt - I guess it's more of a controlled scrappiness since I'm using a couple of different collections instead of scraps, but I happily stitched the day away while listening to Jimmy Buffet. I'm a huge fan and was so sad to hear of his passing. In fact, 2 days before, I had started a post about my 3rd blue green quilt (still in progress) and I have been calling it my Meet Me in Margaritaville Quilt. I thought it needed a parrot in it and had gone in search of parrot fabric. LOL 

And yes, I realize that listening to Jimmy Buffet's songbook while sewing with a Songbook of hymns is a study in contrast. Let's not analyze that too closely. 😎

My day of stitching and pressing and trimming yielded a nice stack of blocks that'll be a good start, but I've got a lot of trimming ahead of me

Yes, I think this is going to work

I can already tell that it would be easy to spend A LOT of time moving blocks around, but I'm not even going to go there. Making quilts brings me joy and fussing over placement is counterproductive to that for me so everything is just going to sit where it lands. I'm off to cut more squares because I'm going to want to make this bigger. πŸ˜‰


Gretchen Weaver said...

It was nice you had a day to yourself to sew. Your quilt blocks are very nice, happy stitching!

Chantal said...

You have a lovely assortment of fabrics for this quilt. Whenever I pull out a fabric for the projects I'm working on, I cut what I need for Plaid-ish at the same time. I might bring that one with me to a retreat in October. Enjoy the sewing day. ;^)

Ronda said...

This is going to be gorgeous!

Elizabethuwood said...

I just finished a quilt top with this pattern. Your choice of fabric is fantastic. I used batiks.

Melva said...

Sounds like and looks like a perfect day was had. <3 The thing I love so much about scrappy quilts is that everything goes! Two reds a little close together? Most likely, if you move them, you end up with two of something else too close. Let the chips, er blocks, fall where they may.

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