Monday, April 22, 2024

Road Trip

 Last week DH and I took a roadtrip and drove 600 miles to check on our cows. 

Then we drove 600 miles back. Lots of miles for a couple of old folks. 

We left on Monday and got back on Thursday. The new camp man started last week and it'll be a while before he gets his feet on the ground, but other than a few phone calls about water troubles, he held down the fort. Another phone call from the electric co-op troubleshooter about power being down - something always goes awry when you try to get away. I can't even recall the last time DH and I were both away from the ranch for longer than 2 nights and that was only twice in 20 years We took our trip to Zimbabwe in 2015 and were only able to really do so because our girl had just graduated and she was able to take care of the ranch while we were away before she began her Masters program.

Our cows are a motley bunch - here's a handful of them

but most of them are dog gentle

Snack time

Calving season is one of my favorite times of the year

We're not used to these long-eared rascals


They are so cute

Cattle with a little ear do better in the area where we have them

Some have more ear than others. LOL

Brahmas are not known for their ease, but that little Brahma-X was sweet as can be. We had to move a set of them because it hasn't rained - It is incredibly brushy here and they use a helicopter to gather

It was crazy to watch the pilot practically skim the ground and maneuver on a dime to herd the cows

The boys set up a temporary loading chute

We brought Cydectin and DH poured the cows 


as they loaded onto the truck

The calves were loaded onto a couple of trailers and we had to drive through Laredo 

to move them to greener pastures

Where they were unloaded and reunited with their mamas

We've known the young man that is taking care of them for 25 years. We hadn't seen him in 20 years and it was definitely God's hand that put everything together

We are incredibly grateful for these sweet faces

 And His many blessings


Donna said...

I learned a couple of things from your post today! I always thought Brahmas were for bull riding not for eating! They just don’t look tender! Silly me! I don’t remember ever seeing pictures of cattle around big cactus. They don’t try and eat them?

Joy in NW Iowa said...

Your life as a farm is really different than mine and our farming. We raise corn and soybeans all within 2 miles. Our little town near us is four miles and Sioux Falls is 24 ish depending where we need to go. If I drove 600 miles we would almost be to our son to visit! Just comparing…not criticizing at all.
We have been blessed with some showers since Easter! Awesomeness snd so needed! The guys will be planting soon. It’s been kind of chilly this past week so the ground is cold.. there are a few farmers around that have planted soybeans and corn. But, we will be patient! Maybe. We have sooo much wind! Wind again today.
I love the event quilt you made! So striking! Love Skeet too! Did Skeet go on your road trip?
Take care!

Gretchen Weaver said...

It's so nice when you can get away even for 2 nights! It's even better when you have good employees.

Raewyn said...

Interesting post! Fascinating that farming is so similar and yet so different on different sides of the particular, getting away for a break!!

Betty said...

Love reading! A hard working life that is so different than mine. Thanks for sharing!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

I bet they love those greener pastures!!! Cute little ears, you just want to pet them ;-)

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