Wednesday, April 10, 2024

The 1st Week in April

 Spring in our neck of the woods means wind...and lots of it (I resurrected an old photo) 

Spring rains...not so much. Green springs are rare around here. Honestly, we've had probably 4 green springs in 20 years. Our rain generally arrives in July, August, or September and even then, it's rare. 10" is our official annual rainfall, but that doesn't happen often either so we're still in Khaki Season around here. Most daylight hours are spent bouncing across pastures, feeding cattle

 fixing more leaks

And wondering why people keep mowing down our mailbox


It's pretty rough looking, but it's level! LOL

DH wants to build a new one, but he said we'd probably get sued because if he builds it, it's going to do some damage to the next vehicle that hits it. Grin. So we just moved it about 12' farther off the road, closer to the cattle guard

The wind didn't blow on Sunday so we took some time to hike and hunt for arrowheads. 

DH has a built in arrowhead sensor - he often finds them when he's trotting across a pasture and on Sunday he was on his game. It was a fun way to spend some time- a little break from work. Hiking over steep sand terrain for 4 hours, wore me out - that sand is deep.

 but it was a good day

I didn't get many stitches into my current binding project that evening before I looked like Skeet


RuthW in MD said...

How cool to find arrowheads out in the sand!! I, too, thought that the mailbox could be "beefed up" to withstand any and all comers. Yes, it would then be dangerous to the comers. Thanks for posting!

Donna said...

Love the picture of Skeet sleeping! How did you ever find all those arrowheads out in the middle of land? My husband’s cousin has a huge collection that he has found over the years. He always finds them near rivers and creek beds. You must have a huge collection too if you found that many in one day!

Janna and Mike said...

Windy too over in southeastern Arizona! Those arrowheads are amazing!!

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, I used to hunt for arrowheads with my dad … hadn’t thought of that in years! I only have a couple of them now. I wish I still had my first find … a tiny pink one! Thanks for reminding me! Candy

jen said...

I have a friend who has put cement in a tire and put his mailbox pole in it. That way when the snowplow hits it, the tire moves with the mailbox. Kinda hard to describe..let me know if you want a picture.

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