Sunday, April 13, 2008

12 on 12 April

First order of business: Give DD a round of applause for my new blog makeover! She completely revamped the whole thing after suggesting it might be time to try something new. I am a creature of habit, but I let her take the reins and I think she did a great job! She is much more computer savvy than her old mom. Thanks sweetie, I love it!

OK, I'm jumping in here with my 12 on 12 post before the month gets away from me again.

Since the 4-H kids were coming out for the day, the first order of the day was to bake cookies. No chocolate since they shoot better when they don't eat it. These Ranger Cookies are a pretty good substitute and although cookies aren't generally considered healthy, these do have oatmeal in them so that makes them healthy in our book:

Much of the day was filled with 4-H shooting practice so once again you get to see kids shooting since this is my 12 on 12 challenge for my scrapping buddies:

The weather was incredible. For days the wind has been whipping itself into a frenzy and yesterday it finally disappeared. These photos wouldn't have been nearly as enjoyable to take had we been standing in 50 mph gusts. The wind is exhausting and it was a welcome relief to spend the day in the calm of the still, warm air.

The State Competition in just around the corner so they are running lots of shells through their guns:

After spending the morning working on rifle, they moved to the shop and practiced with air guns:

DD took off before dawn with her Daddy for the horse sale in town and since I have yet to figure out how to be in 2 places at one time, she is absent from these photos as are photos from the horse sale

When they came home in the afternoon, I jumped in and went to feed with DH. It's one of my favorite things to do. Here he is hauling some hay to the cattle in the pens.

And removing the strings from the hay: A quick stop at the barn for some small bales:

Then it was off to check on the bulls that we bought in Kansas that were delivered on Wednesday: The ranch is covered with antelope and I am anxiously awaiting the first sighting of the new babies. It's still a bit early but soon they will be everywhere!
Suppertime for the horses. Frosty look peculiar with his ear pinned back like that. He's such a sweetheart. Just don't get between him and his supper! He's letting everyone know that he's first in line and everyone else had better back off:

And here's the layout. It's really simple because I have lost my creative inspiration this afternoon and I can't decide on what kind of decorative embellishments to add. Maybe I'll come up with something later:
No more procrastination for me.

At least not today.


lori said...

The site looks great. The post column is a bit narrow but I LOVE the background!

Not much going on here. I'm bored out of my mind:(

Ranch wife said...

Whahoo...look at you getting your scrapbook all done and looking good.GREAT pictures as usual.
Ranch Wife

agent713 said...

Love the new look!

Karin said...

Thanks ladies! Lori ~ If you're still bored I've got a house that needs some attention and paneling that needs sanding. If you were closer I'd drag you over here!

Ranch Wife ~ scrapbook..all done...funny! Agent 713 is a scrapper and she knows that those two words are rarely uttered in the same sentence.

Paula Yaussi said...

Karin - Love everything about the blog! Can I have it!!! You girls are way more creative!

Le@nne said...

Very impressive!Love the layout and the new look website :) The loud music was a bit of a shock though!

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