Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pea Pickin' Cake

Pull out that mixing bowl and turn on that oven. Time for another recipe and yes, it's a dessert again. Gee, I have really got to start sharing main dishes with y'all! We actually do eat good, wholesome food around here, but my crew does love their dessert!

No. That's in answer to the question that I invaribly get asked when I mention this cake. No peas. I haven't a clue as to where this cake got it's name. I found the recipe in a farm cookbook years ago and the quirky name caught my eye. I can only surmise as to it's origin. Maybe this was a dessert that was served during pea harvest. Who knows. Maybe we just really don't want to know, but being the curious (no, not nosy!) creature that I am, I would like to know.

However, I do know that this is one scrumptious cake! I am not in any way, shape or form abandoning chocolate (just not ever gonna happen), but this is a refreshing summer dessert that I made yesterday because I had a craving for it.

Now, I generally bake this in 3 layers, but I have shared this on another site and another scrapper told me that they make this in a 9x13 pan. Much easier, so now you have a choice! Either way, you can't go wrong and for you, dear readers, I have made the extra effort. :)


1 box yellow cake mix

1/2 C vegetable oil

1-11oz can Mandarin Oranges, undrained

4 eggs


1 small box instant vanilla pudding

1-16oz can Crushed Pinapple, undrained

1-12oz carton Cool Whip

Mix cake mix, oil, mandarin oranges and eggs in a large bowl. Bake cake in 3 layers until done (about 25-30 minutes). Cool cake. In second bowl, add pudding (just the dry mix), pineapple and Cool Whip. Frost cake.

Now that I've written this out this morning, I'm craving a piece of it! We had it for dessert yesterday and it'll disappear today. Enjoy!


Ranch wife said...

I gained ten pounds just looking at that picture. Yum!
Ranch wife

Jennifer's Ramblings said...

Oh my gosh! That looks so good, I may just have to make it this weekend!

Paula Yaussi said...

Paula from Udall, Kansas - Yum, I am trying the cake. I have stumbled onto some really neat blogs and yours is one. I live on a SMALL ranch with not one cow! Just teamroping horses! I do homeschool and was excited to see you do too. Blessings to you, I'll check in often!

Karin said...

Welcome to the end of the dirt road Paula! Glad you found us! We'll soon be spending many hours in the arena roping so look for roping photos soon!

We were just in Kansas last week for the Gardiner Production Sale!

Paula Yaussi said...

I read your post on the Bull Sale! I love everything about those sales! We used to live near McCurry Brothers Angus Ranch near Mt. Hope.

Kansas is a great place! Glad you enjoyed your trip!

LuLu said...

It's always been "Pig Pickin' Cake" where I come from (NC), cause it'a always served at pig pickins!!!

Countrygirl said...

Hey Karin,
The cake is wonderful! We had it Friday night. I do have a question though: When I frosted it, I had too much frosting and it all kept drifting downward - am I supposed to mix the pudding with the whipped cream or make pudding and then mix it? My bunch foundered on it! Thanks for the recipe!

Karin said...

Hi Countrygirl! So glad y'all liked the cake! When you make the frosting, you mix the powdered pudding (do not actually make the pudding) with the pineapple and then mix in the Cool Whip. Hope that helps. Sorry, I should have written that more clearly!

Karin said...

Hi Lulu! Welcome! Your comment made me laugh!

Lorri said...

I grew up calling this pea pickin cake as well, then we got stationed in North Carolina where they serve this exact same cake, but call it Pig pickin cake I am guessing someone with a heavy southern drawl must have pronounced it in such a way that someone else heard "pea" instead of "pig". Either way, it's a delicious cake, no matter what it is called.

Anonymous said...

Oh I've made that, it was called pig-lickin cake! What a name huh?!

Karin said...

I know! Wonder how it was named? Either way, like Lorri said, it's good stuff! I have a story for a dessert and it's been re-named Better Than Snuff Dessert. Yes, there's a story behind it and I'll post it soon!

joe said...

Down in Georgia, my relatives called it a Pig Pickin' Cake and it was served at Pig Pickins (whole pork barbeques), so that's what we always called it in Kansas as well! It was probably misheard or adapted to another type of event somewhere along the line. Either way, it's a tasty bugger!

Anonymous said...

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