Monday, April 21, 2008

Feeding Mares

The mares are on a every-other-day feeding schedule and we love to jump in with DH whenever we can ~ especially around this time of year because we enjoy their colts so much. This week the last mare had the last colt ~ a horse colt. This year's tally stands at 4 fillies and 6 horse colts. Initially I thought we were expecting 11, but I was wrong.

It happens...


Ok...a lot!

We'll have our work cut out for us this winter when we halter break the little rascals.

Makes me want to break out in song when the weather's this womderful...

and we're going to feed...

and I'm bouncing down the ranch roads with DH by my side...

and I get to take pictures.

It's happened before.
Good thing DH thinks I have a good voice.

Good thing he's tone deaf.

First off, DH loaded some of this:

Appetizing, isn't it?
Someone thinks so ~Yum! Photo compliments of DD.

Then we stopped at the overhead storage and filled up with cake before heading east:

Get ready for equine overload! I could not stop taking pictures of these darling creatures!

We spend a good while walking amongst the mamas and their babies. They get used to us early on and often let DH scratch their rumps:

Some are more reserved than others and don't venture far from their mamas:

The afternoon is the perfect time for basking in the warmth of the sun and catching a nap.

All of our mares are good mamas:

Snack time:

This little fellow cracked me up. Okay, that's enough with the attitude fellow!

Look closer. This little horse colt's sneaking a cube. He doesn't know what to do with it though and drops it soon after. Those long, gangly legs are just so cute.

But even at this age, they show good definition of muscle:

Can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon!


Ranch wife said...

Ok I really want to see you break out in song, and for some reason. I just had a vision of you as Julie Andrews dancing across the alps singing. It was a Sound of Music moment! Only you would be dancing and leaping across sage brush and mesquite. Wearing jeans and boots! Ha Ha
Really like the pictures that new camera is taking. Mine died, is dead, is moldering right now as we speak. I am needing a new one, but can't decide if I want one that will make me bang my head against the wall, but will take fabulous pictures? Or one that is point and shoot and take ok pictures. Hummm I guess it will depend on how stressed I want to be. Ahhh is Monday. Well better go and mop my very sticky floor.
Catch ya later

Jennifer's Ramblings said...

Awwww!. How CUTE! Makes me wish we were on the mare camp!

Paula Yaussi said...

What sweet babies! We had an 84 degree day yesterday! It was perfect! It is okay to burst forth in song when you live on such a big place . . . everyone else needs to just plug the ears!

agent713 said...

Adorable. And that feed doesn't look so yucky if you tell yourself that it's chocolate pudding...

Aren't baby boy horses called "colts"? Colts & fillies? Or is there a different name for them?

Anonymous said...

OM! Look at the hind ends of those mares! Man, y'all have a nice band, and such a nice place to raise 'em. See me, I'm the GREEN ONE!

Yes, Heidi, colts are boy horses and fillies are girl horses, although the term colts can be used as a general term to lump them all together.

Karin said...

Ranch Wife: Julie Andrews? Far from it! Apparently Paula has heard me sing before ~ she suggested everyone plug their ears. (Grin!)

Bobbie, thanks for answering Heidi's question.I was in town on Tuesday and at Ranch Wife's causing trouble yesterday and haven't had the chance to check back in.

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