Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I've Been Fired

Humph! Yesterday while DD and I were in the midst of a marathon Algebra grading session, we also found ourselves taken hostage by a fit of laughter. It's really not unusual because for some peculiar reason, we get really tickled when we go over math. Maybe it's God's way of keeping us from breaking out into tears, but whatever it is, it is getting out of hand. I mean, there is nothing funny about Algebra unless you are the mother of my DD.

This kid is a hoot. She is smart as whip, has a wicked sense of humor, is very witty and makes the every-day fun. She is also a perfectionist. She learns easily, but has a hard time being taught. However, she has been known to be dramatic and has a terrible problem asking for help. She thinks she she should alreay know it all. Her answer to that is to simply skip the problem...or the next 12 problems because she just forgot to get back to them. Sigh.

In her defense, I am horrible about keeping up with grading math papers. It is my downfall and when I do go to grade them, there are unfinished lessons and I make her work through them. One day she will thank me.

When I was in school and had wrong answers, they were counted incorrect, but I never knew WHAT I had done wrong. Thus, I never really mastered the concept and it made it difficult to move on to the next one. I tested out of college algebra (don't know HOW, but I did), but now, the math they are doing in High School seems to go beyond that and although it has been many moons since I was in school, it was not exactly the dark ages.

The thing is, she is good at math.

I don't think I can adequately put this experience into words and if someone just happened to be within earshot they would certainly think we had taken leave of our senses ~ they just might be correct in their assumptions.

Example. The answer to question 14 is 257. Her answer is 156. She tells me, "Well, I got it partially right."

Please explain.

"I got a 5 and 6+1 =7 so all I missed was the 2.

Did I also mention that this kid has a sarcastic wit? I try not to laugh and a snort escapes instead which prompts another round of impossible to stop laughter. Sigh.

We are utterly exhausted when we finish and DD informs me that I can no longer be her teacher. I am fired.


In the past, I have mentioned the possibility of enrolling the kids in the Texas Tech Correspondence School. They offer a certified High School Diploma which may make it easier for them when they apply to college. Yesterday she took me up on that offer. We are looking into a few classes.

When we began this homeschooling journey 8 years ago I asked the Lord to guide us and let me know when changes needed to be made. This may be His answer. We'll continue to be in prayer about it this summer.

I vow to keep up with the grading of math papers (I have no problem with the other subjects). Writing it down here, makes me more accountable.

Think I'll grade the rest of those papers by myself this morning because my stomach still aches from yesterday's laughter.

Fired. Humph!


Caitlin said...

Me? Dramatic? Come now, let's not be unreasonable... Honestly. -snort-

Okay so maybe that's right. And hey on that one problem with the 5 and 6+1, I was desperate for the right answer.

And you're not fired til the end of the semester. On the last day your fired. ;) Have a nice day Mommy!

Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

I was directed to your blog by Cottonpicker, and I'll have to say it was an excellent referral. Although I'm technically a city-girl (aahhh, to be truthful, I'm a city-old woman), I love your photos and comments about your life at the end of the dirt road. 128,000 acres! Oh, wow, wow, wow! My "spread" is about 100' x 150', and all the critters I run are house cats, squirrels and ticks. However, my teen years were spent on the edge of the wide-open spaces; our family lived in Albuquerque and often visited some folks who had a ranch about 50 west of there. I loved to go walking in the desert just about sunrise.

I'll be checking back here on a regular basis! God Bless you all!

Anonymous said...

And this is exactly why, at this point, we don't homeschool!!! DS and I would be at each other daily and I'd either be firing him or he'd by firing me!

Now, I just went over and read the Ranch Kid's blog and nearly spewed on my computer at this line: "I have been suspicious of the fact that Bobbie had her kittens ..." You named a cat after me! And I've been known to nearly have a litter of kittens over some of the things my ds has done.

I now have two AWESOME blogs to read. :)


Paula Yaussi said...

I have a drama queen in my house too! Only her drama comes out when she can't take her three brothers anymore!

I just started Switched On Schoolhouse. I needed something that I did not have to do much grading or planning. It is DVD based so everything is on the computer and is graded on the computer unless there is something special I need to look at. It is working really well . . . I can be home with all my kids, work my real estate business from home, and get the laundry done (most of the time).

Thank you, Lord, that you are not fired! That would be a devistating blow!

Karin said...

Pat ~ welcome to the end of the dirt road! City-girl or not, you are always welcome! I am a transplanted, raised in the city girl that has always been a ranch gal at heart. I love those morning desert walks too ~ just God and me ~ what a wonderful way to begin the day! Thanks for your sweet comments!

Karin said...

Bobbie ! but look at all the fun you're missing!

Kitten update: Just thought you would like to know that your namesake had three adorable babies who have requested they move in with you. Wanna meet halfway?

Karin said...

Paula ~ I've heard of SOS and actually had the Texas History CD. My kids were more hands on learners when they were younger, but it sure might work now for High School. Thanks!

Jen Hill said...

Karin AND Caitlin...totally hearing the laughing-so-we-don't-cry with Algebra. And just reading that problem out loud made me laugh, laugh, laugh. What's amazing is that doesn't make any sense at all...but it does. :-) How fun!

I was homeschooled from pre-k til graduation and wouldn't have had it any other way. Even admitting that Mom and I were carnivoriously frusterated over Algebra. Nothing a few tears, dark chocolate, and a prayer over the textbook didn't fix!

cottonpicker said...

Caitlin, dramatic??? No Way!! I think you have her confused with someone else!! Caitlin, your teacher is almost a tenure so if you're going to fire her, you best hurry!! Ha!

Karin said...

Jen ~ I like the way you think! Well said!

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