Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shotgun Sundays

This is how we spend many Sunday afternoons and evenings. This is what we do for fun and entertainment. We don't take vacations. We don't go out to eat. We don't go to the movies. We shoot shotguns.

It's a fun way to relax and enjoy eachother's company.


So I've been told, but I don't have a problem with that. We have spent many a hour together as a family out at the range. Most of the time we shoot here on the ranch, but lately, the boys have begun to shoot a bit more seriously. We have started making some trips into the Skeet and Trap Club and just this last weekend, DS shot in his first registered shoot. He was the only kid and he hit 45 out of 50 birds ~ very cool!
The trap club had a fun night shoot with all kinds of shooting games during the day. DS won the buddy shoot with Joel. Everyone brought food and we had a cookout before starting the night shoot. When it gets pitch dark, they shoot white florescent clay birds (just to clear things up, that's what they call the round, clay target).

The people that run the ranges and are diehard shooters are amazing. We are blessed to be involved with such a neat bunch. Safety is always the priority and everyone is so welcoming and encouraging. They have just taken the kids right under their wings. Don't know why more youngsters aren't involved in the sport. This is something the kids will be able to enjoy all of their lives. We've got members in wheelchairs and a 91 year old doctor that gives everyone a run for their money (no money involved here, just an expression). Well, when I say no money involved that's really not true. Guns are not cheap and ammunition costs are rising as quickly as fuel costs. The boys do some of their own reloading and will probably be reloading much more in the future.

We feel blessed to be able to spend so much time together as a family. The kids are growing so quickly and these years are fleeting. These memories will last a lifetime.
Now the boys are in studying mode. Just today we received a Todd Bender (world renowned shotgun instructor) video~ guess what we'll be watching intensely tonight.

Just today I had to order a 2nd shooting catalog so that both DH and DS can each have their own copy. I kept hearing, "Do you have the shooting catalog?" Repeatedly. We may soon have one in every room.

It is a rare instance that I find myself in town and my list does NOT include some sort of ammunition.

Yes, my boys love guns. DS loves to shoot as well. It's what we do for fun and if I had not had a problem with my depth perception, I would be right up there with them. As it is, I still get to participate from behind the camera and cheer them on.


Lori said...

I like to shoot as well Karin and so do my ALL my boys. Great pictures, especially of that one of the gun being shot and the shell flying! :)

Shelljo said...

We are shooters too. Until this spring, I was on a women's team. DS, like your kids, is also lovin 4-H shooting sports. Your pictures are so great!

Ranch wife said...

Great Pictures. Looks like tons of fun.

Paula Yaussi said...

Karin - No kidding, I just put a pic of my hubby shooting on my blog! I hadn't read yours yet!

I'm blind as a bat but give good effort!

Karin said...

I had no idea there were so many shotgun enthusiasts!

LOL about your hubby's photo Paula! That's a great shot!

Paula Yaussi said...

Okay - I've seen the shotguns! What else is happening on the Ranch?! Ranch Wife said I have a responsibility to my readers and so do you!! Looking forward with anticipation to whatever might be happenin your way!

Karin said...

Patience is a virtue! Stay tuned for the next installment. It was much too nice outside this weekend to spend it in front of the computer!

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