Monday, April 28, 2008

Let the Ropin' Begin

The cowboy is the only person I know who does the same thing for relaxation and entertainment that he does for a living.

Doctors golf.

Accountants...well I haven't a clue as to what accountants do. I honestly believe that if they work for the IRS, they spend all of their time contemplating new and deceptive ways of making us part with our hard-earned money. Don't get me started.

Lawyers play tennis.

Cowboys rope.
It's in their blood. Their eyes sparkle when the subject is brought up. I saw this very thing take place just the other day. Clint was over and my DH posed this question, "Wanna rope tomorrow?"

There. The sparkling eyes. They're behind the glasses. Take my word for it.

That really is a rhetorical question. It ALWAYS elicites a positive response. And now that the days are longer, you can bet that more often than not, we will be spending many of the coming days, weeks and months in the arena.

I am not complaining. Not by a long shot. I love spending time out there as much as they do. No, I don't rope. That would only serve as comedic relief. Actually it wouldn't be very funny. It would be sad. Really sad.
Good thing I know my place. I run the chute, help with the horn wraps, and take the pictures. I have mastered the art of multi-tasking. Here's Tiffany putting on one of the horn wraps:

For years, we would drive to a friend's place a few days a week and rope in the summer. Our kids grew up in and around the arena. They learned to work the chute. They learned how to work the gates. They learned to move the cattle back up the alley. They learned how to rope chickens, cats and each other.

When we moved here, for the first time, we had an arena at our house! It's not fancy by any stretch of the imagination and it needs lots of work, but we are thrilled. It only took DH a year and a half to find time to get in there. He was completely snowed under when we got here and then there was the problem of the ground. It was concrete hard and we didn't have the equipment to work it. Enter the oil field. We have a few wells on the place and they asked whether they could park their tractor and equipment at headquarters for a while. No problem. They kept asking whether there was any work that they could do for us in return and DH finally mentioned the arena. In no time at all that D-40 ripped up the arena ground and opened up the possibility of us actually using the arena.
DH and DS spent evenings in the shop designing and building a drag to pull behind our little tractor. Then the kids were drafted into breaking up the huge boulders of dirt that still lingered with sledgehammers. Finally! We had a soft foundation, DH had a few minutes to catch his breath, and the roping could commence.

Someone's feeling a little frisky this afternoon:

We raise both beef cattle and Corriente (roping cattle) so we always have cattle on hand and after the boys put in a long day of work, there's no better way to kick back than throwing a few loops.
These two make a good team. They think alike. They're both perfectionists and lifetime learners. Tiffany videos their runs and they study them. Not so they can enter ropings and win. Just because they are the type of men that study anything they are interested in. They are forever pushing themselves to improve their skills. It's one of the things I love about DH.

In between runs, there's always time for a good story and, if I keep my eyes open, quiet moments like this:

This is the time of day that photographers adore. The boys were visiting between runs and I told them that the light (that golden light - DD teases me about this) was just perfect for some great shots.

Plan on more roping posts in the future. Since I write about my daily life and roping is a big part of it this time of the year, roping is what you get.


Paula Yaussi said...

I love it, I love it, I love it! That's what we do almost every night! The sights, sounds, and smell . . . life is good!

Karin said...

LOL!So where is YOUR roping post and photos?!

RanchGirl said...

Fun stuff! That is another thing that will be nice when we move, there is a arena over there.So we'll get to rope!

Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

Fascinating! I've been known to say that it's a sad day when I don't learn at least two new things. Thanks for giving me the first one: that there is a special breed of cattle for roping!
I loved your comments about the light. That's so true, and I'm delighted that I have not been out of my mind -- someone else knows it, too! There is a time in the late afternoon, just before sunset, when the light changes. I've noticed how the colors of vegetation (especially), and everything else, is enhanced. There must be a scientific reason for the phenomenon, but I've always just considered it a gift from Heaven!
Karin.. thanks for your kind comments on my blog posts. You are very encouraging.
Hope you're having a great day. Keep those wonderful photos coming!

Paula Yaussi said...

I'm slackin', doin' laundry, schoolin' kids, cleanin' house and beside . . . my camera isn't as good as yours! hahaha

odd chick with a passion said...

Wow Karin, your photographs are exceptional and you tell a good story too!! thanks to Cottonpicker, I have been able to enjoy them and I haven't wanted to intrude - because you all seem to have such a wonderful and delightful friendship, it seemed to be wrong to make myself known, but I just couldn't not comment on your talent. It brought back memories of my kids roping and the hours I spent in stands with cameras and videos!!

Anonymous said...

Um Karin, your arena is as big as our ENTIRE Iowa place. Seriously. And you have PIPE fence, not 100 year-old barbed wire with woven wire covered in sod! :)

I was home for the weekend, and between that visit and this, I am so homesick I could cry. Actually, I am tearing up...outside I go....

Sara said...

Love the pictures! And it is true about the light! I love taking pictures whenever there is that golden light as you called it.

agent713 said...

Great shots. You could talk about roping in every post and I'd never get tired of it :D

Karin said...

Thanks Pat! I'm glad to know that I am not the only 'golden light' photographer and yes, it is truly a gift!

Odd Chick ~ welcome! Oh, please don't feel as if you're intruding!Friendship is a circle and there is always room for one more! I'm thrilled you found your way here!

Bobbie ~ I certainly didn't mean to make you cry! From what I've seen, you're place is beautiful, but I know what you mean about being homesick. I still get that way when I scrap pictures from where we once lived. The blessings here have been many, but I still miss the mountains.

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