Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cooking With a Smile On My Face

This post is dedicated to Ranch Wife. Apparently I made her weep the other day ( my deepest apologies) so I thought I owed her a Happy Post and this is something that makes me happy.

I like to cook... for the most part. Living way out like we do, I do it a lot and there are days when I just get tired of feeding people. Seems as if someone is always hungry and I am always in the kitchen. but cook I do, so I might as well enjoy it.

Honestly though, if I lived closer to town, I still would not frequent the eating establishments. Sure it's convenient, but expensive, and DH always claims it's better at home...dear man. Seems we spend money and then have nothing to show for it. There is one exception. Last winter we ate at a resaraunt in Amarillo, Hoffbrau House, and it was hands down, the best food we've ever had in a restaraunt. Absolutely mouthwatering, close your eyes and sigh kind of food. So once a year we'll occupy a booth at the Hoffbrau House, but the other 364 days of the year will find me in my kitchen. Hqwever, I will not turn away help in said kitchen! Dishes, I DO NOT enjoy, hence my favorite part of eating out - no clean up!

The other day, someone posted a question on a site I read and asked whether you liked receiving kitchen gadgets and appliances or whether you would be offended. It shocked me that people would be offended by a gift, but apparently that is the case.

For my birthday I received this:

Can you fall in love with a pot? Does that make me strange? No, don't answer that. But, this is the coolest pot and I am not offended in the least! We also used Cabela's points and got free shipping, making it free! LOL! It's an enamel coated cast iron, really heavy, pot.

Love the color red and it does not make me angry, unlike Ranch Wife's family seems to think. It makes me happy. Today I am making Beef Bourguignon in it. Sounds fancy, doesn't it? I'm not even sure how to pronounce it, but that's never stopped me before. I've never made this recipe and I'm making it for company. Yep, that's me ... a risk taker. Hey. I figure they're good friends and they like me, so surely they're willing to be my guinea pigs for the evening. Can't let a little thing like a new recipe flop get in the way of friendship now. Surely something that includes beef sirloin and mushrooms and wine can't be a flop.

So two thumbs up for red...and my happy pot!


Ranch wife said...

Thank you for the 'happy' post. No more dead dogs OK! Although I am about ready to commit dog murder over at this here house. Mine are incarcerated at the moment in the horse trailer. Not sure if we will go with the death penalty are not, most likely not, but they deserve the harshest of punishment.

My mom has that pot, except it is yellow. Yes I like it lots. One day maybe I will have one of my very own.

Cooking does not make me happy. Don't judge me.

But reading about cooking does! Weird...I know.

Have a great day and I am sure your meal will be wonderful. No doubt here.


Paula said...

You, two are a handful!! I love the pot! Would like one like it along with the others tht match. I do not like cooking. I am not good at it. It is the worst chore ever. I would gladly clean up the mess, so as not to have to cook the mess!

BK said...

I love cooking! Don't ya LOVE Cabela's points?! Free money haha. We ate at the Hoffbrau house at the WRCA this fall, that Dr Pepper chicken is realllllly good! Love the pot too, it looks like my kinda thing, I love cast iron

Little House in the Desert said...

I agree--who can be unhappy with free kitchen gifts?! I love cooking too--cast iron is my favorite. On the way back from CA last summer I went a little nuts in the Le Creuset outlet store and ended up returning it ALL (luckily we had a outlet in AZ!) and instead spent the money and got myself some nice Lodge pans. My favorite is the one from Ebay that has got to be over 100 years old--nothing sticks to that pan! I have made that beef dish you made...or atleast the ingregients sound the same--it was called Burgundy Beef Stew? Used a WHOLE bottle of burgundy wine I recall! Delicious though! And really easy to make! I think I should make it again. Cooking is fun for me too--but I agree--dishes are a pain--especially when our trailer didn't come with a dishwasher! Oh well--I'm learning if I clean them RIGHT away they clean so much faster and easier! What a concept, right?! Lol--it has only taken me 5 years of marriage to figure this one out! I'm getting there... :) -Pauline

Jennifer said...

I love that pot! I Need one, or something like it in the worst way.
John and I like Hoffbrau House too!

agent713 said...

you're making me hungry...

Karin said...

Rach Wife- I hope both you and the dogs survived the day! I imagine they are just having a case of spring fever and kicking up their heels a bit.

Paula - I knew we would make a good team! I'll cook, you clean!

BK- I'll betcha we were even at The Hoffbrau House at the same time! Funny how we keep missing each other!

Pauline - my Mom has a whole set of the Le Creuset, but they are too expensive for a poor ranch wife, but even so, I think I love the Lodge even more! We don't have a dishwasher either. I used to have an 18 yr old model (our son) and a 16 yr old one (daughter), but one flew the coop to college and the other is always on the go although I get a few loads out of her each week!

Jennifer - check Cabela's for the pot. Sometimes they have great deals and Wagonmound has them in Amarillo during the WRCA.

Agent713 - I have missed you!

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