Sunday, March 28, 2010

Firing Up the Grill

Well the calendar tells me that spring has arrived, but I'm still not entirely convinced. I still have yet to see the mesquite leafing out, or to spot a buzzard perched on a fence post, but I'll take what I can get. It's not like I can do anything about it anyway so the blooming tulips, and the fact that I have already had to cut the grass, and with the fruit trees in full bloom, I'll gladly bask in the notion that it's only lurking just around the corner.

Last week we had 70° days, followed by snow, followed by 70+ mph winds, and 80° forecasted for this week. Crazy weather!

So today we took advantage of the 60° temps and calm air and celebrated spring by firing up the grill.

My Mom gave us money at Christmas for a new grill. It was time.

Although it has grilled us thousands of fabulous meals, it simply couldn't be relied upon any longer. For the past couple of years, the fire would just go out on a whim. No matter that burgers were sizzling away, or steaks were being anticipated by a famished would just quit. And just getting it lit was a whole nother story. It would shoot flames out at me and singe my arms. DH would fiddle with it and tell me that I just didn't have the right touch. He would knock on one part with a screwdriver and hammer on another with the wrench and stick his tongue out and cross his eyes and then we might...just maybe...get it to going. That grill and I were simply incompatible! Honestly, I was scared that it would just blow up on me one day.

So last week we picked one up and DH and DS spent a couple of hours putting the countless nuts and bolts into the appropriate panels and low and behold I had a grill!

I am so excited! We only have a swamp cooler and my kitchen gets ridiculously hot in the summer so grilling is a great escape from the sweltering confines of the house. Actually, it's a lifesaver! My stove may even feel neglected this summer!

And today I took it on it's maiden voyage and christened it with some big t-bone steaks!

Oh so good! And I am feeling oh so spoiled! And you can bet I'll be grilling anything and everything for years to come! If ya'll want to share your best grilling tips and recipes, I would be thrilled! So ya'll just stop on in and pull up a chair and we'll fire it up!

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Bobbie said...

Oh my! I want one of those!!!! The grill that is, that meat looks good too, though. :)

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