Friday, March 12, 2010

Praying God's Word

While I am waiting for the mercury to rise above freezing this morning, I thought I would share the following with you. Lately I have been really digging into my prayer life and the Lord has led me right to the original source - His word.This prayer for loved ones has been a source of comfort to me and I recently shared it with a friend and wanted to share it with all of you as well. I did not put this together, I found it online somewhere, but my copy does not have the internet address printed on it.

Mt 21:21 Father, I come before You in faith,
Mt 21:22 and in prayer.
Rom 13:11 Your Word says that now is the time for all to awaken from sleep
Rom 13:11 For our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed.
Col 1:13 Lord, deliver my loved ones from the power of darkness,
Rom 13:12 and cause them to put on the armor of light.
Rom 13:14 Help them in their daily walk to put on the Lord Jesus Christ
Rom 13:13 and to avoid the lust and idolatry of life.
Ps 119:37 Cause them to turn their eyes away from worthless things,
2Tim 2:26 to come to their senses, and escape the snare of the devil.
Rom 13:13 Deliver them from immorality, strife, and envy,
Heb 10:22 and draw them near to You, Father, with a true heart.
Mt 5:6 Create in them a hunger and thirst for You and Your righteousness,
Ps 119”37 and revive them in You ways.
Col 1:9 I ask that You fill them with the knowledge of Your will
Col 1:9 in all wisdom and spiritual understanding;
Col 1:10 that they might have a walk worthy of You, Lord,
Col 1:10 fully pleasing You, being fruitful in every good work,
Col 1:10 and increasing in the knowledge of You,
Col 1:11 strengthened with all might, according to Your glorious power.
Rom 8:30 Bring them into the calling that You have predestined for them;
1Chr 28:9 help them to serve You with a loyal heart and with a willing mind,
Ps 32:8 and instruct them in the way they should go.
Jas 1:22 Let them be doers of the Word and not hearers only,
Ps 119:97 meditating in Your Word day and night.
Ps 112:6 Establish their heart, so they will never be shaken,
1Cor 10:13 and show them a way of escape from every temptation.
Rom 13:8 Let them owe no man anything except their love.
1Jn 3:18 A love that is in deed and truth, not just in word and speech.
Ps 110:3 Let them be volunteers, serving You in the time of Your power.
Mt 6:33 Seeking first Your kingdom so that they will reap abundant blessings.
Prov 3:9 I pray that they will honor You with their possessions
Prov 3:9 and with the first fruits of their increase;
Ps 111:1 Praising the Lord with their whole heart in the assembly
Ps 111:1 of the upright and in their congregation,
Mic 6:8 walking humbly with You, Lord, being determined to act justly,
Ps 112:4 loving mercy and righteousness,
Ps 112:4 being gracious and full of compassion.

Well dear friends, the promise of a glorious day is waiting just outside my window and I am heading out to play in the dirt! Be blessed!


Plowing and Sowing said...

That is very good. I enjoyed reading your prayer straight from God's Word.

Laura said...

I don't usually like scripture out of context, but what a beautiful prayer this makes! Thanks for sharing.


Caitlin(: said...

Ok so this is your daughter's new blog. You can delete the other two off the list that I abandoned baha

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