Friday, March 5, 2010

My Favorite Way to Start the Day

I'm not a materialistic sort of gal, but this is what DH gave me for Christmas and I adore it! The guy who makes these is wonderful. His name is Monty Reedy. The workmanship is absolutely stunning. He certainly found a wonderful way to use the gifts he's been given!

DH chose it while we were at the WRCA in Amarillo. It's one stop shopping at it's finest and the best place to knock off that Christmas list. So while the majority of us are contemplating New Year's resolutions, I have one to share as well even though this is March.

I want to start each and every day with the Lord. First thing each and every morning. I need to put my devotion time at the top of my list of things to do. Every time I find things going off course, I can trace it back to my wanderings. Oh I have good intentions...the best intentions, but then the busy-ness of the day sneaks in and off I go and before I know it, it's close to noon or later. The laundry's done, the windows are clean, and dinner is in the oven, but the Lord is waiting on me to sit with Him a spell and I don't want to keep Him waiting.

I know without a doubt that He guides my steps so why do I insist on making my own path that always leads away from the One who loves me the most. How sad that must make Him.

So, I am determined to add new fingerprints to this beautiful Bible cover first thing every morning. Drinking in His word is my favorite way to start the day. It really does make all the difference!


Anonymous said...

How funny, we were at the WRCA too!! We went to the rodeo Thursday night and shopped Thurs and Friday. I wanted one of the bible covers, they were beautiful!! I loved the guy that was doing the silverwork too, he actually lives up the road from us, he had some gorgeous stuff.

Ranch wife said...

That Bible cover is mighty perty. Your DH has good taste.

Jesus rose early in the morning to commune with His Father...He is our example..sadly I fail most every day. Thank goodness for His grace.


Little House in the Desert said...

That is such a beautiful Bible cover. I was so encouraged by your post! I have been thinking I need to do the very same thing myself. I pray we both will be starting our days with the Lord!

cottonpicker said...

Funny how a pretty bible cover will make you want to get inside!! I too got a pretty bible cover for Christmas and just like a pretty decorated cake....well pass the fork please!

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