Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Quilter's Lament

Warning to ranchwife: Do not continue reading this post. I do not want to be responsible for the outcome although I know for a fact that you are much more disciplined than I.

Well good gravy! I have gotten absolutely nothing done today! Do you want to know why? Should I be honest? I'm thinking that you would appreciate that and I don't think I could sleep well if I fibbed so honesty is what you get.

I have been sucked into this site

It all began very innocently. Really, it did. I was just lamenting over a piece of fabric that I have had for 12 years and I have suddenly decided that it needed to be a

But I needed to find the perfect pattern for it and I was coming up empty handed so I turned to the computer. Bad choice. I have spent much of the day poking my nose into other people's quilts. I am addicted! There are 3923 pages. I am on page 9. I have probably spent 4 hours here! On the plus side - I do not have as much fabric as I thought I did! On the negative side - my fabric is still patternless.

I am facinated by the color combinations. I am captivated by the stories. I am enchanted by the fabrics. I am intrigued with the patterns. Someone help me...please.

All I wanted was an idea. A simple idea because I am a beginning quilter. I wanted to quilt. Sigh. And so far I have not found the perfect pattern for my inspiration fabric. However, I now have 47 new projects swimming in my head. It's hopeless! Is there such a thing as a Quilter's Anonymous program?


Shelljo said...

I know what you mean, but for downfall was cross stitch blogs. There are millions of them too, and I have spent one entire day--8 hours looking and reading!

Karin said...

Oh no Shelljo! Tell me it isn't so! I used to be addicted to cross stitch years ago and I certainly don't need to pick up another hobby! LOL! Now, just watch me peek in and see what kind of western designs they have! This is not good, not good at all!

Ranch wife said...

Run away now,,,,run from the computer I say! Your family needs food and clean clothes! The dogs need food and clean...well I guess they don't need clean anything...but you get my point. Hum now what was that addy again????


little apple tally said...

But if, no when, you go back to that evil little machine, have you ever seen this location?
It's a favorite of mine.
I especially loke to go to the end and see how they look all put together.

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