Sunday, August 25, 2013

This Week...

*As I came in from choring one evening, I found this little fella trying out his new wings:

He flew a few feet and landed on the sidewalk. I laid an egg down beside him as a reference.


 Well, I didn't LAY the egg. I have chickens for that! :)

*I now have a Pinterest hover button on my blog thanks to Karen, over at Sew Many Ways, who posted a great tutorial. I don't get on Pinterest much because its too easy for me to lose track of time, but I really like the format and I like how easy it is to pin things when a button is available.

*Beginning to tie into some much neglected home improvement projects:

* While cleaning out and organizing a few things, I wanted to revert back to childhood and had an overwhelming urge to sit and play:

*Spent a lot of time behind this:

*Cooked dinner for my MIL and FIL:

*Recipe to follow. :)

*Packing these up to send to our Marine:

*Recipe to follow...if I haven't already shared it. I'll go check. :)

*Wish I could find time to bind. :)


*Now will someone please come down here and help me get over my fear of applique?

* Our college girl posted something very wise this week that I wanted to share:

I don't normally  rant, and my apologies in advance, but I would like to clear something up right quick. Some folks seem to think that by remaining single, I am determined to deny myself happiness, and/or reap joy from "shooting guys down." I assure you, this is not the case. Last I checked, I was an extraordinarily blessed and happy person, who doesn't hide her heart because she is scared, but rather entrusts it to the One who loves her beyond comprehension. So long as I have the Lord in my life, a good horse in the pasture, my family, and the incredible people I am fortunate enough to call my friends, I see no NEED for a relationship at this point in my life, and you shouldn't feel that I need one either. Additionally... I happen to have a daddy who puts the vast majority of men to shame, so pardon me for being picky, but he set the bar pretty high. If you had any idea how much I love him, you wouldn't for a second doubt my ability to love. My standards are high. I don't find it my duty to lower them to accommodate anyone's ego.

End of rant.

*All honor and glory goes to the Lord for the way this child thinks. She just recently turned 20.


Michigan Gal said...

You are too funny! I wasn't sure if you intentionally made the egg pun or if you caught it after you wrote it, but it was funny. :)
The Easy Street quilt colors are so pretty! I haven't finished mine, but this inspires me to keep at it. My old machine quit while working on it so I got distracted. Squirrel!

Dar said...

I see a familiar quilt there in your pile that looks amazingly like one I almost have pieced at my house (ES)!
I think your college girl is one of the smartest young ladies I have seen. Tell her she definitely has the right idea and to hold on to it. In the long run she will be wiser and happier for doing so. You did real good MOM.

Nancy said...

You have a very level-headed daughter! Well said, young lady, well said!

Looking forward to your recipes.

Judith Blinkenberg said...

Great comment from your daughter. 20 is much to young anyway. Wait until 30 and she will be much happier! I love your quilts. I haven't been quilting; selling more fabric instead. You are a very busy lady. Wish we had some lawn to mow, just dirt here, even the weeds are dying. We get cut grass from a neighbor for our chickens. Happy you and your hubby are doing well. Judy

Deanna said...

AMEN to your daughter. Mr Right and I found each other when I was 26. Well worth the wait! 18 years later, we are still together. So much better to be alone than with the wrong person. Particularly if your reasoning involves moral standards.

laverne said...

Your daughter is a sharp gal!I'm single and set really high standards myself.Not fun lots of the time but I know if I lower my standards I'm just settling.Not gonna do that!The Lord did well with her ,and so did you and your husband!Hope I have it fixed so that I'm no longer a non replier!

Karen said...

Amen!! Smart Girl, stick to your guns. I wish I had! Looking forward to your recipes!

Jo said...

Good for your daughter. I think people need to realize that it's best to wait for the "right one to come along" than it is to push it with the wrong one. Our daughter just found a guy that we all really like. I sure hope he is the "right one".

Diann Smith said...

I love mine and am very happy but if I am ever alone someday I'm not looking. I'll be busy jumping on the bed!

Julie Feldhaus said...

In this day and age 20 is to young to be worried about being in a relationship!! totally on her side.

Staci said...

snickering.....layed that egg, huh? more snickers.......

Wow! Good for your girl! She had a good head on her shoulders and a good heart! And she has plenty of time in her life for our Dear Lord to put the right man in her life when the proper time arrives! Glory in the time of your life! What a wise young lady she is!

Denise :) said...

I so remember reading this ... could have sworn I commented. You raised a good one there, mom -- be proud of her!! :)

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