Sunday, July 24, 2016

In the Garden

I missed having a garden last year and I was eager to get one planted this year. Alas, I was away at the optimum time to plant and got everything into the ground late. I didn't plant much on account of the fact that I knew I'd be away some this summer and I don't want DH to have to take care of the garden - he's got enough on his plate. He would gladly do it, but I told him it's my call. :)

I always have company in the garden who faithfully inspect the daily offerings:

refreshments included

and sit at the ready in case the plants get out of line:

as they keep me apprised of any garden shenanigans

The zucchini is producing abundantly, as zucchini is wont to do:

My squash plants were eaten by a sneaky nighttime marauder. :)

The cantaloupe

and watermelon

 are growing in wild abandon. I've got lots of green peppers and this purple pepper adds an unusual and fun color to our salads and recipes:

And the tomatoes are finally producing fruit

The jalapenos are HOT this year, but we love them and I incorporate them into a lot of recipes:

I've got to bring in more dirt and get onions and potatoes in the ground and once the sweltering heat of the summer dissipates, there will be a whole slew of lettuce for our munching pleasure. I love spending time out here. It seems to be a favorite gathering place:

The one critical ingredient that is missing this year is rain. We had an inch in early June and not a drop since then. That makes for a challenging year to garden, but gardening is a challenge in one way or another every year!


Tired Teacher said...

Purple peppers? I had no idea they existed.

Love all your garden helpers.

juliehallfeldhaus said...

I am cheating this market:) I do have a couple of green pepper plants and 2 cucumber plants. We finally got alittle over an inch of rain!!!

WeedyMama said...

Looks like the garden isn't the only thing growing. Skeet-er-bug seems to be getting bigger too.

Would you like a link to a good recipe that uses zuke?

Gwynette in NW Arkansas said...

Gene loves growing different kinds and colors of peppers. I'll have to show him your purple pepper. I'm sure he will want one next year!! Love your garden helpers. I take Tillie in the garden with me since we found three rattlesnakes on our place last year and one not far from the garden. She locates and barks until Gene comes to kill it.

Judy said...

Your garden is nice and yes, it's hard with little or no rain. Maybe next year will be even better. We drove through New Mexico and yes, it was hot. We are home now with lots to do. Enjoy your garden.

Mary E. Stephens said...

Your garden looks great! I hope it has done well for you. My dad got ours in late this year too due to spring rains that made the soil too soggy. But, it was RAIN, right? :-) We had a long dry spell too, but thank the Lord we're having rain now, as you know. The garden is happy! So are my parents since they don't have to water daily now. :-)

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