Monday, July 18, 2016

Lined Drawstring Bags

I've probably made 30 of these little bags since 2011:

Yes that is a snowman in my kitchen, and yes it is July, but the picture was taken in December. :) These bags are the brainchild of Jeni over at 'In Color Order' and you can find her free tutorial here. She also has a pattern for sale and I love the numerous size options. Most of the ones I have made have been for Christmas:

But I have made a few for kiddos and used them to wrap pillowcases:

One year I made lots of potholders for friends and I made matching drawstring bags for the gift bags:

I've made a ton of those potholders too - Deanna, over at Wedding Dress Blue shared a great tutorial for these  here and I can't tell you how much I love these potholders.

I actually need to make more since I've given them all away and friends, and friends of friends, keep requesting them. Those of you who have them, had better be using them because they get better when you do. Last week I made a few more of the gift bags  with the leftover chuckwagon  fabric:

I gave the small one to our girl with a tea towel and money for lunch when she drove through on Monday with a 24' trailer to pick up a load of supplement for her heifers. I got to hug her neck and meet her assistant and then she brought me their leftovers which was perfect although it would have been even more perfect if I had eaten it with them. :)

When I was sorting the other day, I also ran across this western tapestry fabric. Probably about 10 years ago, my MIL made pillows and she gave me the leftovers:

I never knew what to do with it and last week it just hit me that it would make great drawstring bags. I just made sizes that would make the best use of the fabric I had left which amounted to 1

2 - makes a nice gift bag for a wine or whiskey bottle


little bags and a laundry bag that is 30" tall.

I gave it to our girl when I met up with her yesterday to get Harvey. We are keeping him while she is away at a Nutrition Conference and I thought this would be a useful way for her to store her dirty laundry while at the hotel. They are fun and fast to put together and I love the extra touch they add to whatever you are gifting.


Janet O. said...

Great ideas here for using up leftovers.
Wish I was as on-the-ball as you are. I am lucky to remember to get a gift for someone, let alone make a gift bag. But they are really cute!

Shelljo said...

those are adorable! And dang you, I'm actually THINKING about trying my hand at some potholders. Not quilts, but small things. (like maybe these bags!)

Tired Teacher said...

Reusable gift bags are perfect gifts all by themselves. The tapestry fabric is beautiful and made some fabulous bags. Well done!

KaHolly said...

I've been eyeballing that pattern! You've made very clever uses of it!

juliehallfeldhaus said...

Love your bags. The last ones just show what good taste in fabric you have as I have the same fabric!!!

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