Thursday, July 21, 2016

On Many an Afternooon

Yesterday we hit 21 consecutive days above 100 degrees. The record was 12. This is the forecast for the next 5 days:

Chance of precipitation: 0%. Insert sad face while praying for rain.

 I usually spend time outside in the early morning hours tending to chickens, guineas, the garden, the yard,  sneaking in a walk,and getting dinner together while DH works with his horses, shoes them, or rides. Our afternoons are often spent in the pickup checking waters, fence, cattle, and putting out mineral:

I think this girl has the right idea:

We stopped to fix some fence:

Although in all honesty, DH fixed fence and I took pictures and handed him tools:

More fence to fix...always more fence

I'm not strong enough to to get the wire tight enough. Note to self: eat more Wheaties.

I sure hate that he's having to do this when it's 103:

This is a never-ending job, but this is where we can often be found on many an afternoon:

I'm sure glad the days are getting shorter because by the time we pull back into headquarters, the sky looks like this and we're plumb tuckered out...and ready for fall. This summer heat wears this old body out:


Tired Teacher said...

I doubt I could ever adapt to those extreme temperatures. Stay hydrated.

The fencing tools are very familiar to me - a post driver and a wire stretcher. I never did well with the stretcher, but I can definitely drive in a steel post! Don't count on me helping fix fence in those temps though. ;o)

Dar said...

I do not envy you and your DH the hard fence mending in this extreme heat. We are getting our share here in the St. Louis area too. Our temps are not as high, but we have the added humidity factor that makes the heat index run from 105-115 this week. It is very hard to breathe when it's that humid. Fall is just around the corner, as they say!! And tonight is a Cardinal baseball game - can't even imagine hitting the ball and having to run bases in the heat -- but they are young men, so it probably is no big deal with them. :) Go put your feet in a tub of ice water, that will cool your whole body off.

Gwynette in NW Arkansas said...

I'm to short to drive posts and certainly not strong enough either. Gene is my fence man and I'm happy to have him around do it. It's in the mid 90's here during the day with oppressive humidity. Stay cool and I'll pray for you some rain and relief.

Shelly said...

We've been having a heat wave, too, but we're getting way more breaks from it that you are. Plus, we've also had a little rain in between, even tho in early June, it looked like we might be headed for a drought. We've been blessed with a good summer this year.

And yes, there is always fence to fix. Like you, I'm the tool hander (and errand runner) because I'm not strong enough to do the other stuff. My Cowboy just sent me a link to a 30-day beginner push-up challenge -- think that's a hint?

Pauline said...

Hot here in the Texas Hill Country too. We had a little rain last night along with enough thunder and lightening for Ken to unplug the electronics. Anxious to check the rain gauge when it's light enough. Working in the heat is hard work, stay hydrated. Love the sunset!

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